Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Workout Wednesday

It's another one of those workout Wednesdays! And after a workout hiatus on Monday and Tuesday because I felt purely awfully, today has been a day with TWO workouts, even though my cough still lingered I had opportunities to do 2 really cool and new classes! So I powered through my cough and grossiness filled lungs and worked my behind off!

Thursday: Thoroughbred Classic 5k at Keeneland with the family! A good way to start Thanksgiving!

Friday: Rest day. My illness was starting to set in this day.

Saturday: KY Fit Club of course! We did P90x Cardio X, and with not feeling well this semi-hard class felt pretty hard on my body.

Sunday: Since I felt ultra sore from my workout Saturday I decided that Turbofire Yoga was a good option. After 40 minutes of yoga and super stretching I thought I'd feel better. WRONG. Oh well!

Monday & Tuesday: Rest day -- filling the effects of sickness, decided my body needed the rest since I felt terrible from doing the 2 workouts on Saturday and Sunday, I had what felt like double soreness.

Wednesday! Today was my super fun and special workout day!

Workout Class #1: I saw on my friend Holly's facebook someone posting about a free trial class called TurboFit. I had no idea what that meant but I loved the words "free workout" so I messaged the guy to learn more. I even convinced Michael to come along!! We met in this warehouse/garage type thing out near all the industrial buildings near Masterson Station. 

The area smelled of fresh paint fumes and had all kinds of punching bags and equipment. There were about 20 people there. They warmed us up and then got us started. The class format was set up in stations. We would do 5 exercises at each station, each for 50 seconds a piece the first time through and 30 seconds the 2nd time through.

The circuit included the following:
-Floor Ladder (like what football players use) - we did quick sprints, hops, scissors, and shuffles down them
- Medicine Balls - We did medicine ball throws onto the ground, to our sides, and lifts.
- Mats on floor - here we did 4 different ab workouts
- Hurdles - we did all kinds of different leg lifts over the hurdles here
-Super heavy ropes - We had to spin them in large circles, then quick small circles, to the right, then to the left.

This workout was intense and we got super sweaty and I will definitely be sore, but I know I burnt a ton of calories and my shoulder muscles could barely move once we were done!

Workout Number 2!: Now don't judge on this workout because it was done with 3 other girl friends that are married, that I am close to and it was a great, fun, time!  Nothing dirty, raunchy or wrong with this class, it is fitness folks!! Our teacher had the greatest amount of arm strength I have ever seen! And she has never been a STRIPPER! I was informed that strippers don't do moves like this because that's not really what happens at strip clubs apparently! Sorry Grandma and Grandpa, I know you read this, but believe me I am innocent still!! 

Back in June the four of us purchased Living Social coupons for a group pole dancing fitness class...see Martha Stewart does it too!
We signed up for the beginners class which taught us simple floor moves, 3 spins, and a few moves on the pole. It was a great workout full of laughs! I must say that I will be covered in bruises tomorrow and I might not be able to use my arms what-so-ever. Here is one of the 3 spins we did!
And now it is late, I haven't eaten dinner, and my tummy is a rumbling!!

I hope you enjoyed this very special edition of Workout Wednesday!

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  1. So glad that you got to go to a BodyFit class! I SO wanted to go this week, but our schedules are stupid! And no, I didn't end up running with the group this morning- I did something to my hamstring, so this is my cross-train week! I'm gonna do a test run this weekend, and if all things are good, I'll be out for a group run on Tuesday and Thursday :)