Monday, October 1, 2012

October goals

Remember that one time I made a New years resolution to blog once a day for an entire year and I somehow made the time and had the energy to pull that off? Why is it so hard for me to continue to routinely do other things? Maybe I need this blog to publicly say my goals and/or resolutions and then I'm held more accountable to it?!

I think that may be the answer folks...

So in blogging fashion I am going to write down some of my October goals. Not something that I've been thinking about for a long time, actually i thought about it during the last 5 minutes of my elliptical workout in the hotel workout room but a few minutes ago. I guess since I was exercising these would be more like healthy living goals for the month of October, so here we go:

1. Do at at least 100 crunches a day. That's not hard and takes only a few minutes. September got out of hand with the amount of ice cream, vacations, and laziness that occurred. No one likes to be more squishy on the tummy area. 100 crunches a day... at least. I can do this!

2. Do at least 10 real push ups a day. ONLY 10?! UM HELLO, have you seen my arms ?! They are basically toothpicks, do toothpicks have definition? do they have mass? um no. 10 is a good number for this girl.

3. Eat better. No specifics but really it is not necessary to have a super sugary breakfast and a dessert with lunch and dinner every single day, Ashley, you are getting out of control!  I am THINKING about cutting down or totally removing Gluten. My aunt and cousin have done so and have seen great results, the Webb family has tummy and digestive issues and hey it couldn't hurt to no this is not a bandwagon thing, its a Webb thing. A stomach ache every other day is no bueno.

4. Get back into consistent running shape. With changes in the season and to my schedule I'm hoping for a more consistent work schedule. Run 3 times a week, other workout 2.

5. OK OK, i'll throw a non-exercise one in there. Since October is UBER FALL MONTH AHHH pumpkins, candles, hoodies, etc. why not put that ever growing pinterest board to good use?! I pledge to try at least ONE pinterest recipe and ONE pinterest craft in month of October (so that may go against my healthy eating). WHO WANTS TO CRAFT OR EAT AT THE KASTENS?!

I think 5 is a reasonable number of goals, right?!

BUT ALSO there are some things I'd like to do in the months of October and November. AND I WANT YOU TO COME WITH ME TO DO THEM TOO!

1. pumpkin patch
2. Circleville Pumpkin Festival
3. Bonfire
4. Keeneland in Lexington
5. OSU tailgate
6. Hiking and seeing the gorgeous changing leaves

So with that I am done with my lists. Doesn't it feel nice to get a couple of good lists out of ya?!

So what are some of your October goals/resolutions?! Write em down and I"ll keep you responsible if you do the same for me! :)

What activities would you like to participate in with me or you think I should add to my list?!

Happy October to you all! :)