Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It Tis Workout Wednesday Friends!

P.S. still loving this graphic by Jessica S.!

With a job that I spend about 10 hours at during the day and 30 minutes driving to each day it has taken me a little while to get acclimated to the schedule but I think this week I may be falling more into a rhythm. I say I feel like I barely worked out,  but I still got some in here or there but I believe I feel at least 100 times better during the day and the day after I get a good exercise in. It lifts my morale and of course the endorphins are great. If you are feelin' a little slumpy during the week maybe you should go get your blood pumpin' and see if you start feelin' a little better :) I promise you will!
So here are my workouts for the past week:

Thursday: This was my meltdown day. I think I spend more time sweating from crying than exercising. Well, that is definitely true because I didn't exercise at all. But looking back at that day now I can see I am on the upward slope!

Friday: Once again no exercise, went straight from work, to vineyard concert, then to bed.

Saturday: 16 mile bike ride with Michael's dad down the Legacy Trail. I want to ride this trail everyday until the weather starts getting bad, although that is unreasonable, maybe I can do it once a week?!

Sunday: Busy day catching up from the past week. House was a wreck. I'll count that as 1/2 an exercise point for the day, but no real carved out exercise.

Monday: WONDERBAR 5k nighttime run with Mr. Carson-pants. Pace was great. Breathing great. Legs felt great. I was even running in front of the long-legged Carson for at least 50% of the run and he's typically a super fast guy!

Tuesday: Another wonderful run this evening, 4.65 random miles with one of the best people I know, Becca! Another night of feelin' good and feelin' happy!

Wednesday: Today I tried out a new workout class at the Johnson Center since I have a "spouse" membership and haven't really been using it I thought I should check out some of the new classes. It' s kinda  a bummer that I can't do a lot of the classes though cause I'm not home from work until like 6:30. I am still a little uncertain about whether or not I liked this new class, I guess I can determine a little by how I feel tomorrow and then maybe give it another shot cause it is the Wednesday 7pm class. This is it's description:
Group Rx: RIP
This barbell program brings fun to your workout by matching movement to music using traditional strength training exercises, allowing you to work at your own level! Have a blast while building strength through your entire body!
I don't really think the movement was to music as they say above. It was kinda like we were lifting weights with too fast dance music in the background. And there were 2 teachers and they would switch like every set of reps between arms and legs, which was kinda of weird. Also, I am pretty weak so this was hard for me, probably a hint that I should continue to go to this class because lifting and toning like this is great for your body and helps burn fat!
Also, check out my yummy breaky this morning (sadly the raspberries are all gone now so I must return to the cereal for breakfast):
 Also, one of the perks to of driving to work at 7:40 in the AM...pretty sunshine and clouds!
 Happy Wednesday Folks!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Snippets and Tangents on Tuesday

I ate at least 2 cups of mashed taters  with my dinner.
 These aren't my taters...but I may have eaten this much in one sitting. I felt awful after! (side effects of eating dinner on  my own)

Sometimes I take pictures of outfits that I like. Maybe it's so I can remember what looks good together cause I have such a hard time getting dressed in the mornings and end up changing 15 times, which utterly destroys our closet, bed, and bedroom...I liked my outfit today. That's not vain I promise.  (p.s. I wore a sweater over it)

I am going through gum like its my job at my job.  (my gum of choice)

Why do foods make you have bad tastes in your mouth making it necessary to chew gum? Why isn't it cool to bring a toothbrush with you to work and brush every so often for that minty fresh feeling?  Why is it when I'm feeling tired or bored I need a stick of gum to wake me up? I'm going through like 2-3 pieces of gum a day. Is this unhealthy?!

Why is hanging out with this girl so awesome?

She is so gorgeous and so much fun. We had an utter blast at the park this evening fooling around, giggling, and chatting.  Watching her spin until feeling sick on the swings like I used to have it folks!
 The weather was gorgeous. It was perfect. Why is it that I haven't seen her in like 2 weeks?! DANG life, get out of my way, I need my Adrielle, 10 year old time. I like being a kid too!

Why haven't I seen THIS girl in almost 2 months? (we live maybe 3 miles IF that away from each other)
 (BTW this is our friendship picture on FB, I think it is hilarious, but you kinda had to be there, everytime I see it I smile! ) She used to be a part of my every day life. Tonight rocked though. We killed a 4.65 mile run in the dark chatting, laughing, and loving every minute of it. Running that far with a bestie makes the run seem short and even simple. I haven't run over 3 miles in a VERY long time. We had no idea how far we went, I just now mapped it, I thought it'd be around 3, well I was wrong!  I love this girl and I miss her. SO good I got to see her.

UBER ANNOYINGNESS about new phone.... inability to sync facebook pictures to contacts AND numbers not saving correctly. Seriously technology, I thought you were supposed to be easier! BLARGH!

These are the kind of pictures I send to Michael when I'm driving in the car and he's on call ALLL day and ALLL night. Sometimes I like talking to humans when I'm at home, and even better is talking to my husband. Don't get me wrong, my furry friends are lovely, but I like Meeeechael too! Please notice droopy ceiling...the swanky stylings of a car from 1998 folks!

Well that's about all of my randomness for the day!! Hope ya'll are having a great evening!

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Perfect Monday

How often do people really say that they have a good Monday? I mean there's a phrase saying, "Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!". Well this Monday was surprisingly good. I am going away from it with a happy attitude.

First off, Michael started Trauma Surgery today and had to get up at 4:50. Icky for him, but lucky for me, he woke up on his own 10 minutes before his alarm went off so I didn't hear a single thing from him this morning. He was out the door without a peep which is pretty amazing for my clumsy and loud hubby!

Then for breakfast I got to enjoy banana bread made by Michael's mom. What is better than a homemade baked good in the morning? I like my cereal, oatmeal, etc. but nothing beats a homemade baked good, they make me happy!

Then guess what? I tried something totally out of my realm of normal Ashley. First off I brewed my first pot of coffee. OK, it wasn't really made perfectly. BUT then the crazy part is I poured myself a cup of it,
Yes it looks like slightly brown water, but hey I'm slowly sinking into this new thing
 poured in a good amount of milk and sugar and took this brown stuff that I've always thought tasted like dirt on the road and slowly forced myself to drink it. Since it was slightly watered down it wasn't half as bad. And I believe that caffeine got me out of that morning funk I've been having the past week. SO...I guess I'll try it again tomorrow! Michael is brewing it for me in the morning, maybe it'll be more like real coffee tomorrow. haha.

Work went well today. I'm starting to feel a little more confident in some of the things I was doing. And I allowed myself to 30 minutes in the morning to get some odds and ends done like emails before diving into my work. Another thing that I thoroughly enjoyed about work today? I packed my lunch and ate outside while reading a book and it was glorious. The quiet time away from excel charts and email and in the sun really changes your perspective for the day. It made me want to work hard and get home and enjoy my day. Yes, I may have been a loner, eating away from my coworkers but this girl can't afford an $8 lunch everyday from a college cafeteria!

After work I headed home in a sunshiny mood. Michael was in a good mood too which makes for a great evening. I started dinner and we sat down and watched "True Grit" which we have had as a Netflix disc for some time now. I love Jeff Bridges...

AFter enjoying the movie I willed myself to go run. I didn't feel too tired so I thought I might as well go as long as I have the energy. I haven't had a full on night run in a while. It was dark. Peaceful. and simply wonderful. With Carson by my side I felt safe, even though my depth perception and sight would be totally blown off everytime a car drove by. I showed that 3.1 miles who was boss though, I felt like I had a pretty fast pace the whole time which is impressive for running in the pitch black of night!
My running partner after our night time run!

Our other friend, who can't make it 5k, in our super bright extra bedroom, so bright everything looks discolored!
 And now I'm typing this post with endorphins. I was dreading writing cause I didn't know what to write about but I guess my run gave me perspective and made me realize all the great things I had to write about today.

I am a lucky girl.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

for a semi-non eventful day of church, lunch with the Kastens, cleaning the house, and a pretty regular bible study I will need to supplement my blog post with a fill in the blank... Although one thing you should know that I've learned today:

---Michael is no good at Apples to Apples.... we played 24 "words" and Michael won none.. then we played a 5 "word" pity round for the 4 people who didn't win in the regular game and he was the only one to not win. So apparently either A. My husband is not funny or B. we just didn't get his humor tonight! (I think he's funny though!! :) )

Now... on to fillin' in the blanks and then gettin' my tired self into B-E-D:

1.   One of life's most simple pleasures is     either A.) Oreos dunked in a glass of milk until soggy or B.) super cheap Kroger brand ice cream sandwiches, that stick to your fingers and you have to lick them off! :)

2.    Loud chewing of food/gum and basically any nasty bodily noise      makes me want to punch someone.

3.  I like   weekends    because,    it's my way or the highway. Meaning, I get to set my schedule, I get to relax, I get to have fun, etc all on MY time (well and my husbands too!).

4.    wunderbar   is a funny word ( I remember learning it in 8th grade German and try to use it whenever I can!).

5.  If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be    hmmm...well this one is hard, I don't really wear makeup or own any. However I do like my Softsoap bodywash -- I believe it's pomegranate with something and I really enjoy my loofah  .

6.  I'm happy that    my house is finally clean. Apparently a week of full on busyness leads to a destroyed house even though Michael cleaned it for me while I was away at training. A clean house = a less stressed wife, I promise!   .

7.  I would never    choose a job where I would have to public speak. I can be a goofball around friends, but a planned time in which I must speak a planned something or other in front of people and there goes my ability to function as a normal human being. Sweaty body, increased heart rate, quivering voice and hands, possible choking. Folks it ain't purty!! But I must say I got a tad bit better at it this past year in my masters program even though I cannot say I am anywhere close to mastering this crazy thing called public speaking!

Do you like public Speaking?
Any beauty products that I MUST try?
What makes YOU want to punch someone?
What's your favorite simple pleasure?  

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy Saturday!

Today was another busy day in the life of Ashley. Remember yesterday how I said I was hoping for a weekend of relaxation? Well that didn't necessarily happen. But there's always tomorrow right?

This morning I rode 16 miles on the Legacy Trail with Michael's Dad. Michael was supposed to come too but he woke up this morning (and most of last night) with allergy/cold problems and he was having a hard time breathing so we left him in bed to rest up. Greg and I had a great time, and this time we had Greg's camera so I don't have stolen pictures from the internet!

After our ride, perfect weather by the way, in the 70s, Michael and I decided to use a Groupon that we had to the tropical smoothie cafe. Well the cafe is about a mile from our house, so we grabbed our pups and ran with them that 1 mile to the cafe. Michael took Carson, who is used to running, and I took Willis who I basically ended up tugging along behind me for a part of the way. I wish this experience would have taught him that he shouldn't be sad when I take Carson running, but sadly I know that dogs really don't learn lessons like that! haha!
excited dogs are hard to take pictures of, this is the best of the bunch haha!

Michael and I didn't realize that our Groupon got us HUGE smoothies also with 2 sandwiches and 2 bags of chips. I only ate 1 half of my sandwich and saved my chips for later today! I got a guacamole and turkey sandwich, with lettuce and tomato on 9 grain bread
I was intimidated by the size of my smoothie! It's the size of my head!
Michael got a Thai Chicken wrap.

After thoroughly satisfied with our food we decided walking back would probably be the best bet for our full tummies!

Then we had an electrician come to our house...and guess what? Our spare bathroom finally has light after about 6 months of no light and us using a desk lamp in there! And you know what else? We got the fan and light rewired in our guest room so now we have a fully lit room in the guest room that we can turn on and off with a switch. Aw man, the simple pleasures in life! I never would have thought I would be so excited about an electrician coming or being able to turn lights on with a switch!

This afternoon we headed to Louisville to a Couples Wedding Shower for a wedding that Michael is in. I've never been to a couples shower before so it was kinda weird to me when they were opening gifts and guys were around, but it was fun, and I was guaranteed to know someone there too which is always a plus!! OH, and they had these delicious cakes, and guess where they were from?! I couldn't believe it because they were so pretty and SO good, but they were from Sams Club!

There was a coconut cake with white cake (which I ate and was sooo good)

And a Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! yum!

Now this girl is tired. Maybe i'll get to sleep in tomorrow?! I sure do hope so!

Everybody's workin for the weekend...

Now I finally know what everyone was talking about when they were singing..."everybody's workin' for the weekend!"...what a relief to have 2 full days off work!! I am going to spend it hanging out with friends, exercising, and resting hopefully! My body is definitely not used to 10 hour workdays, it is definitely something I should adjust to.

Tonight Michael and I were invited by my dad to a concert by a Steely Dan tribute band named AJA at Elk Creek Winery (about 40 minutes from Lexington). Michael and I were more than glad to join. It was my parents, their friends, Dustin, Christina, and me and Michael! We brought our camping chairs, picnic blanket, a cooler of drinks, and we were set for the evening...well after my dad bought us a huge bag of kettle corn which I finally introduced to Michael (so good!).

Oh if you are not familiar, you may recognize this Steely Dan song, "Reelin' in the Years":

It was a great time. Yes, most people there were 45+ but everyone was having a good time, dancing, singing, drinking wine from the winery. And yes, the winery is gorgeous! What thing tucked in the hills of Kentucky is not?! Here are some pictures from the evening. Great times were had! We even got to do some dancing which was great and semi-hilarious while watching the silly (or drunk) older folks dance away to the songs of their youth!

this is what we look like when we dance! :)
Good night folks, hope your Friday night is wonderful and gorgeous!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shoo  weee  you know its been a long day when you hit the hay at 9:30! Goodnight world!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Workout Wednesday!

Heres to another week of weird workouts and learning to incorporate them into my weird schedule. Aslo, it's hard to remember what you did for a workout when you're busy.... maybe I should start some kind of way to track this...

Thursday: 7 mile light bike ride with Michael through the super cute neighborhoods of Lexington in the evening then a 45 minute cardio sculpting class that I found online on UK's fitness website. The video was ok but I really wasn't that tired from it.

Friday: No workout...the day was spent getting my phone, running errands, and going to the Flo Critt home

Saturday: 17 mile bike ride on the legacy trail with Michael and Michael's Dad...uber fun times, awesome scenery, and of course sweatiness!

Sunday: 9pm hotel workout in Chicago. I was tired but I made myself do it. 5k on the treadmill in 25:14, which is slower but I haven't been running as much since the race.

Monday: Early morning hotel workout in Chicago before training. I am impressed that I did this considering I had workout less than 12 hours before! 30 minutes on the elliptical, didn't want to put my legs through more running and then some light stretching and about 5 minutes of arms...I was hungry...didn't get any dinner the night before

Tuesday: No workout.. day jammed packed with 8 hours of training, no sleep, and a flight back to Kentucky = no time, no energy, no strength for a workout!
Wednesday: Coerced myself after a long first day at work to at least take these guys for a walk...
We ended going about 2.2 miles...which I am fine with...gotta exercise for sure tomorrow though!
With this new job I am going to need to figure out a routine where I can work out enough while not totally tiring me out for the whole day or evening...any of you working folk have any suggestions?!

That's it for my workout Wednesday!! Hope your workouts have been treating you well!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So im sitting on the plane now making my way back to good ol Kentucky.
My time spent training in Chicago was nice habit was also training and im excited about seeing the hubs and the pups!
However i did make some new friends these past two days from all over the country! Los Angeles room Dallas to Columbus and back in Kentucky! I love knowing that their are so many fun accountants working for Crowe!
Yesterday after a long day of orientation everyone headed back to their hotels. You see only 3 of us were in the Hilton while about 20 others were at the doubletree. I had given my number to someone at the other hotel but i never got their number... Well the 2 guys at my hotel decided they wanted to .make the 30 min train ride into downtown. Not knowing what to do and not hearing from the large group made me decide to go with these guys downtown. And you know what?  It was a lot of fun! We ate at this restaurant called Italian village apparently the oldest Italian in the city and where al capone  had a booth! The food was fine, i got.spinach and cheese stuffed ravioli.
Then we had a good time at a karaoke bar and lets just say i didn't end up getting a full.nights.sleep!
Training today was fine. After we were picked up by stretch limos and delivered to the airport where 6 of us reconvened for dinner at chilli's. It was great getting to chill with my nationwide set of coworkers. After a tight dinner of 6 in a small booth well said our goodbyes and went to our separate gates.
And now the real part comes. Tomorrow. In Lexington. I will go to my real place of employment! Ah!

(somewhat out of order pictures, haven't figured out really how to do this on andriod blogger app, plus it has compressed them weird)
The Italian Village

My new LA friends!


gorgeous downtown!

THE Italian Village

Tired and late

Oh goodness...long day, ill post tomorrow !

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Greetings from Chicago

Well i made it safely to Chicago! And im blogging from my phone.

It was definitely weird to be on a flight where i have my very own seat assignment unlike flying my usual standby flying. Also I've never flown into.Chicago before, we normally drive so the views.coming into the city was gorgeous!

Once landed i.had to wait for my very own town car to pick me up. Another strange experience. I felt important haha! Once in the car a guy driving car next to us on the  highway was looking in my car to see who i.was and then started flirting and waving, my driver thought it was hilarious!

Once dropped off i ventured up to my room. A large suite room, alllll to myself. Weird again. I've never been in a hotel room by myself without a roommate. Strange!

I just got back from a 5k run on the treadmill in the hotel and now  its chill time all by my lonesome thinking about my training and orientation tomorrow

Goodnight friends!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Legacy Trail!

This morning Michael and I got up extra early for something fun! We rode the Lexington Legacy Trail with Michael's dad!!

Michael's Dad, Greg, picked us up around 8:30, we loaded up our bikes, and headed out to the Legacy trail! None of us had ever ridden on it before but I had heard a lot about it. It definitely made my list of things we NEED to do this summer, so I'm glad I was able to check it off!

For those of you not from around these parts, the Legacy Trail is a new 12 mile walking, running, cycling, rollerblading trail in Lexington that starts downtown and finishes at the KY horse park!

The trail is gorgeous and really well maintained. Since it was a Saturday morning there were a good amount of people on the trail but it wasn't annoying or anything. The trail is awesome and weaves through some pretty Lexington scenery with some nice rolling Kentucky hills! And many different points where you can park throughout the trail if you aren't looking for a really long run or ride. I unfortunately did not bring a camera but here are some pictures I googled so you can get an idea of what we saw today! BTW we had perfect sun shiny weather for our ride too!

All 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed it. Since we started at the Northside YMCA we didn't do the full trail but we ended up doing about 17 miles and we were pretty sweaty by that point, it was starting to get hot out!

One of my favorite things was seeing the beautiful spider webs on the fences with the dew settled on them. Also, I love all the bridges on the trail, pretty cool!

This is definitely something Michael and I will do again. It really was a lot of fun and not too much work!! What a great way to start the day!

After our ride we treated ourselves to the Great Harvest Bread Company lunch we tried to have yesterday. Oh my goodness, their bread is so good. And once again we got a free slice. This time it was the Mountain Crunch which was loaded with things like tofu, millet, nuts, bran, and much more and it was SO good, you definitely couldn't tell all of that was in it!!

For our lunches I got a turkey sandwich with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and a blue cheese spread on it. SO GOOD. I saved half of it for dinner! (p.s. check out the quality of these pics from my phone, DANG, they're good!)

Michael got a Country Turkey sandwich with peppers and vinaigrette and he enjoyed his thoroughly as well!

A Good day was definitely already under our belts by 1:00 pm, impressive! Now time to start pulling stuff together for my last official FULL free day of freedom before I head off to Chicago tomorrow evening for training...booooo...goodbye freedom...hello paycheck?!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello 21st Century!

Guess who has finally entered the 21st century with the rest of the world?! After holding off on using my upgrade for my phone for about a year now it was time. Yes. Time. To get a smart phone!

I got this super sleek, thin, LARGE screened, bright beauty! (Samsung Infuse, it's an Andriod phone)

One of the best features?! An 8 mega pixel camera on BOTH sides. Now I can take pictures for the blog on my phone and they won't be super grainy or dark! Whoop whoop!

This process of getting my new phone took A LONG time. Like an hour and a half. That's because we encountered EVERY obstacle possible and I am STILL on my Dad's family plan for now because I might have to lose my number (that I've had since 6th grade when I got my first phone and I have had it through Cincinnati Bell, Nextel, Sprint, AND AT&T).

After an errand to Walmart I persuaded Michael to take us to the Great Harvest Bread company. Sad thing about that though is the one on our side of town does not make sandwiches! :( HOWEVER they do give you free samples of bread and the one we had was exceptional! It was the cranberry flax oat bran bread. I may have to go back there and get me some! So good with just butter on it!

OH and tonight Flo Critt was a success! My friend Grace joined me and we did the water marble nails that Kellie suggested. THey didn't turn out super great for me but the 2 girls that were at the home that were there tonight LOVED it AND they look great on their nails, I was totally jealous! Great suggestion Kellie!!
(an example of what they could look like)

Now I'm off to lay around the house a bit before bed because I have a slight nail polish headache. Tomorrow morning shall be an exciting day starting pretty early..more about that tomorrow! Goodnight!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

random tidbits!

So I feel like I'm finally back to my normal days of blogging. When I don't have a particular topic or theme in mind and I'm sometimes at a loss for what to talk about. So then I just end up rambling.

First and for most, I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter. I am going to the Flo Critt home Friday to hangout with the teenage girls and I need something fun to do with them. An activity, game, cooking, baking, craft, ANYTHING. Please please please, if you know of anything fun let me know, I will give you ten thousand hugs!!

Anyway, back to my day. Michael and I had planned to get up and go on a bike ride until 7am when we heard thunder outside and immediately fell back asleep until 9:30. I was exhausted for some reason that I am very unsure of! Anyway... Michael and I finally got ourselves together after he did a little bit of studying and we hit the road to run some errands.

Michael cleaned out one of our closets yesterday with all of his med school stuff in it and listed about 20 books on to sell.  OH and a tree's worth of paper!....

Well he had sold 5 by this morning! So we hit up the post office, what fun. Except I learned something in this experience. There is a post office much closer than the one I've been going to and I had no idea! Did you know there was one on Duke Road behind the Romany Road Kroger?!?!? I had no idea! So I was riding my bike or driving downtown when I could have only been going maybe a mile and a half! Silly me...or rather...silly hidden post offices!

Next we headed to Insight (the cable company) ... why you ask?! Cause Michael and I decided that we no longer needed cable. In order to save a massive amount of money we have downgraded to the student internet decreasing our bill by about $60 a month! Neither of us have ever been without cable before but you know what? Michael rarely watches cable unless it's ESPN and when I watch tv most of the time it is meaningless junk that I am wasting my time on. So really, it's a waste of time... PLUS... if Michael and I decide we want to watch something on TV together we have Netflix, which we are downgrading to the instant only to save money as well, and they have a pretty wide selection out there of TV shows and movies to instantly watch. Since I'm starting my job on Monday and Michael will be back at the hospital at the end of the month, why be spending money on something we won't be getting to enjoy and instead spend that time together doing something fun like playing a board game, a bike ride, etc.

After Insight we went to the AT&T store. I think I am going to break down and finally buy a smartphone. I was trying to hold out for the iPhone 5, but really, I don't think it'll be THAT different than the things out now and I think I may need internet capabilities for my job. Can you believe that I've never had a phone that could access the internet? I will be one of the last in my family to do so...everyone in my immediate family and Michael's immediate family (parents included) have I may be the odd one out without an Iphone but I will have a smartphone. Now I won't be constantly asking Michael for his phone so I can surf the web. Or randomly calling my brother to get help with directions or looking up store hours. *Sorry Dustin, you're so helpful!*

When we got home I brought a chair and a book outside and sat while Michael changed the oil in his car. I thought it would be relaxing but the stupid little mosquitoes ALWAYS attack me out there and it's soooo annoying. Why do you exist?! Just to annoy people and suck their blood?! That's not even cool or fun Mr. Mosquito!

Then guess what I did?! Cooked dinner for the SECOND night in a row!! Since I was back at school this past month and we've been traveling, etc. I feel that I have barely cooked and if I did it wouldn't be consecutive days.  Well last night I made enchiladas, corn on the cob (so good!), and butterscotch pudding and tonight I made fish (breaded, the only way I'll eat it), some pasta, and asparagus! YUM! We chowed down while watching an episode of Mad Men on Netflix. *still loving that show*

After dinner Michael and I went on a fun little almost 7 miler bike ride around the local neighborhood, good times were had and I love spending time outdoors, especially with the hubs! And we blinged out my bike today, with a removal front basket for grocery runs, a lock holder, and a water bottle holder!

Now I'm chilling...and you see... I actually had  a ton to write about tonight! Look at me!