Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Workout Wednesday

It's workout Wednesday time again! And after stuffing my face with peanut M&Ms after lunch I feel kind of guilty about posting this. BUT I will be working out today, so maybe that'll make my guilty conscious feel a little bit better about it?!

So let's review my workouts this past week...

Thursday: Rest day, the free pizza at school did not allow for a workout after class sadly.

Friday: 3.5 mile run on the treadmill after class in 27:54. I think I did a 7:58 mile possibly, it seems so long ago! Did some 8 pound weights on my arms too!! I like trying to work in some weights now, it's great for your body!

Saturday: Woke up after a VERY late night out and headed to Kentucky Fit Club!! This week my friends Holly and Daniel joined me and I was so excited they came! We tried out Brazil Butt Lift, which was high paced, lets get going and not warm up type of video, it was like BANG out of the gates we go! Leandro leads the class and he keeps you going the WHOLE time! I was tired after the 30 minute class!
Then we did some P90x Ab ripper x. This class ALWAYS kills me. We own P90x at home and I die doing this class!! 20 minutes of abs and when you're done it feels like they may fall out of your stomach!! The next day I felt no butt soreness what-so-ever but I DID feel it in my abs and it was extreme!!
 I am still LOVING going to Kentucky Fit Club at  9 am on Saturdays, if anyone in Lexington is interested in coming let me know!! I'd be more than happy to go with you AND IT's FREE!!

Sunday: Rest Day. (we were in Cincy and busy all day, no time for workouts!)

Monday: Last Monday Turbokick ... I had a snack an hour before and definitely felt it during the workout. At one point I had to stop and let my stomach settle down cause I thought I was about to embarass myself in front of the whole class!

ALSO, guess who finally got a road bike?!?! ME!! I've been wanting one for a while because I am a pretty slow mountain bike rider and the road bike is a lot lighter and faster. Michael found in on Craigslist, it's hard to find women's road bikes and since I'm short it has to be a womans! Michael and I rode our road bikes up to get froyo with the Hamiltons Monday night. I'm so excited to cruise around town on my new bike. But before that happens I need to invest in a kickstand for the bike and possibly a helmet! Check her out! She is definitely a product of the 80s but I love her so far (She's a Schwinn)!

Tuesday: 3.1 mile run on the treadmill. I honestly felt terrible and I think I ended up with a 8:05 minute mile.  I guess 4 weddings on TLC was not entertaining enough for me to distract me from my running. I also did a good amount of arms and a few leg lifting on the machines at the gym as well.

Wednesday:  I will be going to my last summer session (also last time as a student) of Turbokick, I am hoping and praying that the new schedule will allow me to continue to attend this class. I love the class and the instructor Aly is awesome, it's been great getting to know her and burn calories together! 

I hope you all are loving your workouts this past week!! I'm kinda nervous about workouts in the coming week because we will be in San Fran and I'll be busy!!  

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  1. WHY did you leave HER unattended?! Next time you go to the library let me know and I will watch it for you!!