Sunday, August 14, 2011

SF Trip Day 2

Well last night ended with us taking poor little mamaw to the ER, I think she's doing a little better today but please continue praying for her little 91 year old body!

Now it's time to review our 2nd full day in SF! Time to be overloaded with my pictures again.

Michael and I woke up early (on our own due to the time change) Tuesday morning and got ready to embark on an adventure to wine country! While I got ready Michael walked down the block and picked up our rental car. It was pretty swanky for a Hyundai if I do say so myself and Michael loved it!

We packed up all our belongs again and headed North. On the way out of SF we passed Lombard Street and decided that we should drive down it. Since it was so early it wasn't very crowded and it was fun to zig zag our way down.

Then we really started heading north and ended up crossing the once again very foggy golden gate bridge! It was weird to be driving on a bridge walled off by thick clouds!

Since it was still early we were afraid we might arrive in wine country too early, because most of the vineyards don't open until 10:30. So we GPSed a grocery store and stocked up on some snacks for in between wineries and got us some yummy Jamba Juice!

Now really....we are heading north!

Finally after about an hour drive we ended up at our first winery in the gorgeous hills of wine country. The winery was called Sterling and you took a little 2 benched gondola up to the winery at the top of the hill.

The building was beautiful and we were able to get 5 wine samples, the gondola ride, and a free wine glass for only $20. What a deal. Michael and I ended up loving this vineyard the most, it was fun, the views were spectacular and the wine was yummy! We ended up purchasing a sweet wine for Michael's parents for taking care of our dogs during the week and we bought ourselves a tasty Pinot Gris.

While doing our last sample we asked a worker where they recommended to eat for lunch. They said if we weren't looking for anything special or extravagant we should try Buster's Barbeque, I knew what he was talking about because I saw it as we drove in. It was definitely a small town BBQ kinda place where they cook the meat outdoors and they have picnic tables to sit at and delicious cornbread. I loved it, except it was kind of heavy for lunch and the flies were slightly annoying!

During lunch we found out some slightly disturbing news. Michael and I both checked our phones and had a voicemail from a woman stating that she had found Willis wondering around in her yard. Well sweet. I called her back and explained to her that we were in California. Michael's mom was at work and wasn't home, but she had left them out in the back yard. Apparently Willis became an escape artist while we were gone. Sillly pup. I was glad he was safe but became very worried that Carson had escaped and was lost. Thankfully Jan was able to leave work and see that both the pups were safe! YAY!

After a SUPER filling lunch we headed to Mumm, about a 30 min drive away. This vineyard specialized in sparkling wines. Which Michael and I aren't super crazy about but we thought it would be fun to try something different. This vineyard had a special Santana brand made by Carlos Santana which was cool.

Michael and I each got a 3 flight sampling thinking they would be sample sizes. WRONG. Full on champagne glasses full of sparkling wine. wooooo, that's a lot for me. The patio here was gorgeous though once again!

After finally downing our sparkling wine we walked through their little art gallery the first photographer was a guy that used electricity and fiber optics to create his pictures

The second was 27 Ansel Adams photographs loaned to the vineyard by Ansel Adams' grandson, they were pretty neat to see too!

We decided 1 more winery for the day would be good and we headed to Ledson Vineyards.

This place was neat but nothing spectacular. At this point I didn't really want any more wine in my body, I was full, tired and hot because Napa was in the mid 80s at this point of the day. So I forced myself 4 small samples while Michael did 6. To me everything started tasting the same at this point...oh well! : )

After we completed Wine tasting I HAD to hit up the outlet mall! I hit the jackpot at Anne Taylor (they have stuff that actually fits me here and petite at that too!) and I found a pair of Levi skinny jeans that actually fit me in length and in the thighs! Score! Michael found a super awesome shirt at the Gap!

After shopping we were exhausted and went to hit up our hotel. This was the best deal of the trip that my cousin got us! $49 for a room at the Sheraton Petaluma and 50% off food! Michael and I were so tired we decided to just go ahead and dine in the hotel's restaurant. The food started off great with a mushroom crepe appetizer...I raved about it!

But then dinner was meh. Not terrible but ok.

Then see my excitement? Well I hadn't tried the cake yet. It was NASTY! Can you believe those words are coming out of my mouth?! Yeah, the cake had no flavor what so ever, like none. I didn't even eat half of it, and that's totally not my style!! I sadly put my cake down and enjoyed the FREE WIFI (FINALLY!) and watched some Netflix "Mad Men" with the hubs!!

Another great day on vaca!

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  1. You look so grown up in the pictures from Sterling.

    I know I'm an adult, I've been married for over a year! But sometimes I forget that I'm grown up, and I forget that I have grown up friends.

    Is that weird??

    PS Sparkling wine is the only kind of alcohol I sometimes kind of enjoy. If I ever go to SanFran I will have to hit up that vineyard!