Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Full Day 2 in Cali...

Woah! Another full day in Cali. After a great time running around San Fran yesterday Michael and I headed up north today to check out wine country. I will give you a short summary today and pictures and more details later!!

And guess what?!? Free wifi at the Sheraton Petaluma!! The internet was $16 a day at the W downtown last night so we opted out!!

Today's itinerary:
-Wake up, confused, West coast time...oh snooozzeeee
- Michael and I ate the poptarts we brought with us...we are classy right?!
- Michael gets rental car that Jason hooked us up with
-Drive across super foggy Golden Gate Bridge-
-Stop in small town for chips, crackers, and Jamba Juice
-Head north to Calistoga, Sonoma, and Napa!
- Sterling Winery -- 5 wines - 1 gondola ride -- favorite winery!
- Lunch at Buster's BBQ, recommended by employee at Sterling
- Mumm Vineyards - a flight of 3 sweet sparkling wines for me, and 3 regular sparkling wines for Michael
- Drive on a lot of curvy roads and see lots of vineyards
- Ledson Vineyards -- huge castle-like house mansion thing -- by this point I feel SO full, I try 4 wines, Michael does 6!
- Drive to Petaluma Outlets!!! shopping!
- Arrive at the hotel for the evening...great deal thanks to Mr. Neal - $49 a night plus half off food!
- SLEEP is needed!!

I bet you are super excited to see these pictures aren't ya?! Well I am just too exhausted to delve into going through them all!! So my summary will have to do!! Goodnight East coast readers!

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