Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workout Wednesday!

Check out my fancy-shmancy header that I took from Jessica over at Tales from Team Awesome!! She has just started doing a workout Wednesday to keep herself accountable to her workouts and I think that's awesome!

So my workout Wednesday may be a bit pitiful this week. AND it doesn't make me feel good.. ONE. BIT!

Can I just start with lumping some lazy days together and then a bunch of excuses?!

Thursday-Sunday: no REAL planned exercise. There may have been some walking around SF or swimming but nothing that really got me good and sweaty and burning calories and I am ashamed! I have been SO good about my workouts lately it just feels like a waste when I don't do anything. Oh well, what can a girl do about it?

Monday: Time to workout now. I decided, since it was a nice day, that midafternoon I was going to go for a run with Carson, which I haven't done in a while. It was a lovely run and I'm glad Carson was with me too, we had a good time We ran 5k. The only bad thing was seeing a picture of this that Michael took of Willis when Carson and I were leaving:

Poor little pup, I wish I could take him along but he's just not cut out for running :(

Tuesday: 2/3 of P90x Plyometrics. Yes, I didn't finish the video but may afternoon errands cut my workout time short because we had guests coming over. And you know what? Plyo is a pretty tough workout, extreme at that, you are basically jumping and squatting the entire hour and I did most of it. And today I am there!

Wednesday: I haven't been feeling that great today buttt I did go for a late evening stroll with some of my neighbors, Katrina and Allyson! It was great to catch up with these girls and maybe digest my dinner a little!

Here is something yummy I made today!!
A Smoothie!!! With 2 handfuls of Spinach, a splash of apple juice, a few spoonfuls of non fat yogurt, some fresh strawberries, a banana, and some frozen berries. A huge and yummy lunch for me, along with a half a PB sandwich! nom nom nom! Love summer fruits and veggies! Yes it looks brown but that's what happens when you mix green, red, purple, and blueeeee!

ALSO...hilarious picture of Carson!! Story: so I was cleaning up around the house for the guests that were coming over last night. So I stuffed the dogs favorite bean bag chairs in the small space between our table and the wall to get it out of the way. Halfway through the night I look over to see Carson like this, squeezed between everything. I literally cracked up for a couple minutes, he can be a very funny dog sometimes!!


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  2. I've been LOVING smoothies lately- with super cheap peaches from the farmers market (the ones in the "peaches for canning" box- slightly bruised!) and spinach and sometimes other stuff. Weird, because I used to NEVER like smoothies! We should probably try to be running buddies sometime, because I get bored and now I feel like I can do longer runs!

  3. Yes, definitely let me know when you want to go on a run, I'll totally be down!