Friday, August 12, 2011

SF Trip Day 1 Review

So I'm not counting the full on travel day that I discussed in this post but I will talk a little about Sunday evening and our time spent in San Fran Monday. Oh but here's a pic from the travel fiasco!

Since we arrived later than expected in San Fran we took the BART in and found our hotel. We were staying at Le Meridian which was in the financial district. We enjoyed this room thoroughly, there was plenty of room and the bed was great for our tired bodies!

Man, I had no idea how much of a ghost town this part of the city was on a Sunday evening.

Michael and I searched the blocks of this area for food. We came across a pub and had some delicious pub fare. It was chilly out so the heavy meal seemed fitting! I got meatloaf and Michael got Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding!

After dinner we gave my leftovers to a homeless guy and headed back to our room to pass out. That was the extent of our Sunday! haha!

Monday morning we woke up and I was ready to hit the town. We packed up our bags (since we were hotel hopping) and headed to the SOMA area of town to The W Hotel. This hotel is super modern with disco type music in the background and purple and black everywhere. Our room was pretty tranquil though with Buddhas everywhere and 27th floor of 31, balla!\

We dropped our stuff and then hit the town. We felt like walking and I REALLY wanted to see Fisherman's Wharf so we walked about a mile or so there. Enroute though we happened upon the famous Lombard Street (we saw all of the tourists headed up the hill) and the church that was in Dirty Harry (Michael made me watch the movie before we left).

After these random stops we made it to the wharf. It was chilly of course but beautiful, it was really peaceful during this time of day and Michael and I just strolled down the piers looking at old boats and gazing off at Alcatraz and some seals in the distance.

It was about time for lunch and we headed to Le Boudin, a bread company famous for their sourdough bread. We were both kind of chilled so soup seemed right! I got a half grilled cheese and tomato soup and Michel got a sandwich and clam chowder in a bread bowl. This meal warmed us right up!

HE WAS AWESOME at playing the drums, so young!
We then decided it was dessert time and the proper place for that was Ghiradelli Square! cream smothered in chocolate?! Sounds like my kinda place! I got a Strawberry Fudge Sundae and Michael got a chocolate shake. Both were delicious but made us extremely full!

We then decided to make the trek up to Coit tower. Great views from here. I thought my heart might beat out of my chest though after walking up the monstrous hills. I love ALL the walking we were doing though, much preferred over public transportation or expensive cabs!

After this we headed back to our hotel to rest before going to a Giants game! I wanted to warm up and I hit up the hot tub with Michael and napped a little before suiting up for the game.

Michael and I bought Giants hats on the way to the game! But that was after a yummy dinner of a pitcher of Sangria and a split meal of Jerk Chicken at a local restaurant that many Giants fans eat at before the game called Primo Patio Cafe. It was a little chilly to be eating outside, but we toughed it out! (can't beat the great outdoor lighting to photograph some food!)

The game was fun, cold again of course but the couple sitting next to us were very kind!! Sadly, though for the second time in a row we witnessed the Giants lose terribly, they didn't score, but we still had fun eating the infamous Garlic Fries, me sipping on a ghiradelli hot choc and Michael a beer! Good times! That about sums up our Monday, hope you enjoy, there is definitely more to come!

What a fun busy day!!

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  1. So hotel hopping... Do you think it made your vacation more exciting? Or more stressful? I might need to know this some day in the future!