Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tired..but trying my best to post through it!

Yes... I know, I've been bad about my posting, Yes I have been doing it, but yes it has also been lacking so I'll give you some pictures to look at from Friday evening and then I'll get to my Saturday and Sunday tomorrow when I have more energy!!

Friday was great. If I haven't mentioned this before the girls in my married couples bstud decided we should have a bachelorette party for each other since we didn't know each other when everyone got married and most of us had bad or no bachelorette party experiences and we had to fix it!

We all met up at my house Friday evening and headed downtown to a mexican restaurant called the Blue Agave Cantina. We had a Groupon too, after we had already planned the location for dinner Groupon decided to be awesome and have a Groupon the next day. Let's just say we are lucky gals!

Anywhoooo...we ate some dinner and had margaritas (of course) and then wondered out on the town for some dessert.
Danielle and I both had chicken enchiladas!

The margaritas went strawberry, lime, strawberry, lime in that order around the table...super random!

Our waitress was in the pic with us too, she was adorable, the little blonde in the pink shirt!

We ended up at Deshas, where they would not push 2 tables together for us even though we were going to share 2 desserts between the 6 of us. Well passing back and forth had to do. Their brownie with ice cream and fudge was YUM, but how can you mess up a brownie?! The cookie and ice cream was ok, but not great, kinda dry.

After dessert and feeling like I was going to explode we wondered around for a while. We wanted to go to the Penguin Dueling Piano Bar but there was really no one there, just maybe 15 people so we opted out and picked a bar to hangout at with no cover until we headed to where the party really was!!
Look at the bar napkins we found at McCarthys!! haha super random (our group is based at this church AND it's where Michael and I got married!)
Around 11:30 we made the walk down to the Bar Complex and headed up to their dance floor to dance our tails and meals off!! What a great time! We watched a drag show and then went up and danced some more. We were sweaty mamas but had SO much fun. I wasn't in my bed until 3:15 and I got up at 8:20 the next morning!! It was a fun, laid back night of chilling with some girls that I adore!
*Yes we lost one along the way, Danielle stayed for dinner and dessert and had to leave, sadly!*

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh what a day!

So in one word I would describe this day as um, lets say special. It has been a long one at that and man oh man am I tired (since I went to bed at 3:15 and woke up at 8:20). Therefore, I will not  be typing a huge post this evening, my body is screaming at me for sleep and I am ready to give in to what it is saying.

With that in mind, I wish you all a very good Saturday evening of peaceful sleep and wonderful dreams!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

flax seed!

So this week at the grocery store I picked up a new to me item...flax seed! Once again through all of my reading of healthy living blogs I have come across these girls using flax seed in a lot of the things they ate. So while perusing the Kroger aisles earlier in the week I came upon it surprisingly. I thought they would only sell it at places like Whole Foods. So I purchased some brown flax seed!!

I took it home and put some on my oatmeal and then the next morning added it to my cereal. Doesn't really have a flavor and maybe a slight little crunch, but man on man does it have it's health benefits!

Flax seeds contain high levels of dietary fiber as well as lignans, an abundance of micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.  The consumption of flaxseed is associated with a reduction in total cholesterol, including the LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides. And its combination of healthy fat and high fiber content make it a great food for weight loss and maintenance -- many dieters have found that flax seed has been a key to keeping them feeling satisfied.

I have heard of people also adding it to their smoothies and other routinely eaten foods and also hiding it in main dishes to get that extra oomph of nutrients!!

So go out and get yourself some flax seed, your body will love you for it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Junk Food and Brian Freezes

Oh goodness, today was another one of those bad eating days. But really, I couldn't help it. And honestly it was only my dinner and dessert that were bad for me and totally worth it of course!

My first eating catastrophe was the MSACC good-bye party. We had Pizza  Hut and cake together while some of our professors came in to say goodbye and we received mugs with the program's logo on it. (Yes, our class is not technically done until next Thursday, even though the last day we are really there is Wednesday but the class is winding down) So hey, free junk food, I mean it would be rude to deny it and I've basically paid for it in my tuition so I need to take what I paid for and deserve!

This eating nightmare resulted in the lack of a workout this evening because I felt like the food never left my stomach and that a workout may result in some vomit action. BLECK so now I feel full and unexercised!

Then came my Adrielle time of the week. I had originally planned to take her out to breakfast tomorrow morning BUT I found out she would be going to Tennessee with her Godmother this weekend so I had to improvise on the spot. I picked her up after I had digested my heavy in my stomach feeling pizza and cake and we drove to the closest Sonic to Adrielle's house. She hadn't eaten dinner so we ordered her a kids meal and an Oreo Blast.

The ice cream lover in me REALLY wanted ice cream, but the last time I had it, which was in Rochester last weekend, I felt like I was going to vomit due to  indigestion or something, all I know was it felt terrible.So I was going to try and stray away from the full on smack you in the face dairy choices.  So I went in thinking I was going to get a smoothie until Sonic ruined everything...

Ashley(speaking into outdoor microphone): Hey, I don't see smoothies on your menu anymore do you still have them?
Sonic Dude: Nope, we don't

Ashley's Head: Well shooooooot, what to do, what to do?!

Welll I knew Sonic has always been famous for their slush thingys so I went for the lemonberry real fruit slush. It was good and nice and cool but a little too super sugary tasting for me, but believe me, I consumed the whole thing anyway. To make myself feel better about not getting ice cream i convinced myself that the slush was a better option cause the ice cream is more expensive than what I got ...hhaah...that little mind trick won't continue to work for me though cause I DO know that the ice cream is better!

Here are 2 pics I snapped while Adrielle and I chowed down this muggy evening:
Nothing says summer like a large icy strawberry lemonade flavored bev!

Adrielle with all her loot....uh... I mean food!!
P.S. Adrielle told me she ordered the tots because Napoleon Dynamite got her craving some tots, how cute is she?! AND she shared her last 2 super crispy tots with me, double win, funny and sharing mentee!

After eating we headed back to Adrielle's neighborhood, both of us feeling full. I suggested a short walk up the block to get our stomach acid flowing in our stomachs. I think it helped a little. We met a very MANLY (if you know what I mean) Pitbull on our walk that completely soaked my hand and thigh in nasty slobber, but he was a nice little guy just intimidating and full of spit!!

Overall a great evening! Very much looking forward to my big plans tomorrow night and some of the events this weekend!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Welcome to another Workout Wednesday, the time where I recap my workouts from the past week!!

*Readers must note that I went on a little weekend vaca to Rochester, NY from Friday - Monday morning so working out was slightly sparse. I brought workout gear but could never motiviate myself to get out and do it...bad Ashley!*

Thursday:  Ran 3.5 miles with an 8:01 min mile pace on the treadmill. These hot temps need to go away! Although I do sometimes enjoy being able to increase my pace with the push of a button and watching Cake Boss while running!
Friday: Early flight...sleepy Ashley...does pool lounging count as a workout?!

Saturday: Ummm... I helped set up and clean up a grad party...and moved my hand from my mouth to the cookie cake and back and forth OH and I laid in the pool for about 7 hours and got entirely too sunburnt...calories burnt?? probably like 6 haha!

Sunday: Pool Time again...more active in the pool today though! Also played a tiny amount of tennis and badminton...pssst...if I buy a badminton set will you play with me? It's fun for a girl who has no coordination cause the shuttlecock takes so long to fall!

Monday: YAY! Turbokick, the class was harder for me due to my lack of movement during the weekend and my extreme consumption of all things fatty, sugary, salty, and scrumptious!  (I found out that there will only be 3 more classes after this one when the new schedule starts for fall semester, booo that!)

Tuesday: 3.5 miles in 27:59, which is a 7:59 min mile pace, WOOOO...sweaty chicka here!

Wednesday: **planning on going to turbokick** BUT my Masters class is meeting up at Pazzos at 5 for Pint Night as a last celebratory get together of our class...the girl who ate a lot this weekend is trying to convince me to skip the gym...the girl that almost died in turbokick on Monday due to my laziness is encouraging me to go to the class! I think I may have to go to the class cause of the very few of them remaining and maybe I'll show my classmates what a truly sweaty girl looks like!!

That wraps up another workout Wednesday!! Get out there and get your booty movin' and your blood pumpin'!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Introducing the "Webb Call"

So, I'm sure you've heard of calls such as animal calls, duck calls, etc. they are unique noises that emulate the sounds that animals make to attract and/or get a response out of the creature. Well the Webb family has their very own "Webb Call"

So, I would like to introduce you and the world to the Webb Call. It can be used anywhere: the grocery store, while skiing, at the mall, and it's pretty darn effective! As a little girl I was always scared of getting separated from my family, it was always reassuring to hear my dad's "Webb Call" in a crowd of people because I knew he was there!  It is unique to our family and I love how everyone makes it a little different. Michael's impression is definitely not right, but he's new to the family so I guess he has time to learn!

I was going to take the time to edit it and make it into 1 video, but we forgot the charger to the Mac in Rochester and don't have it yet and this computer does not have very good video editing capabilities. So here is the debut of "The Webb Call". Some of you may not appreciate this, but I sure do! :) ENJOY!

When asked the origin of it, my dad said they used to call the neighbors up the hill with it.

Now you know about a super secret Webb tradition! Woo weee

Monday, July 25, 2011

Webb Weekend Recap


- Michael and I woke up at 4:15 to make it to our 6:15 am flight to Detriot
-Fly from Detriot to Rochester
learning on the flight!
 -The party begins because we have arrived!!
- Straight from airport to a German deli with Uncle Bill...intense German food, not my thing, but I gave it a go!The men had German beer and I just had a water, Michael and I both tried the sides of German Potato Salad and noodles, they were yummy but this was a little too heavy for lunch!

This is Oscar Meyer, the original owner of the deli, see his picture to his right?

-Time to help with the party prep festivities...aka...helping "clean" the pool, or sitting in it for 4 hours!
-Dinner: Aunt Britta's famous Stromboli or as Michael would like to call it Cannolis haha
- Wait for cousin Nate and Liz to nodding off
- Nate and Liz arrive, boys play beer pong in basement...I fall asleep...yawn!


-WAKE UP! Time to prep for the grad party! Food to be cooked, tables to be set up, things to be cleaned, it was a busy morning and everyone helped!

- At 11 the party began. The family ate together, played a little cornhole and "Kan Jam" and then went to our favorite place for the rest of the day, the pool!

- Party Cleanup
-Dinner leftovers
-Awesome yummy Aunt Betty Jean cake AND COOKIE CAKE!!

Cousins with sunglasses tans!

Anika and Ashley - besties forever!

Family Photo -- Melina hurt her back so we decided to all lay on the floor together!

Twin tooth brushes! awesome!

- Wait for Anika to arrive
-Fall asleep, exhausted!

- Wake up achy from sofa bed
- eat, AGAIN
- Go with boys cousins to watch them play disc golf while the girls took pictures

the "blood" cousins that went disc golfing

-Lunch AGAIN! Dessert again!
- Some family leaves
-POOL photoshoot time!

We had Sally Hansen Nail Effect girl time...aren't they fun!?

- Chinese takeout for dinner
- Family tennis time and badminton time

-Remaining family movie time, "Hall Pass"
-Sleep time

- Get up at 4:15 am for 6:15 flight and sadly realize that Webb weekend FLEW by :(

I love my Webb Weekend and this one definitely didn't disappoint. I have over 250 pictures, so if you want to check out more check out my facebook, I just couldn't really put this weekend into words unless I just told you it was awesome, spectacular, wonderful, relaxing, fun, hilarious, filling, fatting, sun burnt (in a good way), and toooooo fast! .... I LOVE my family!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Funday Sunday!

Sitting on the floor of my Aunt's kitchen in Rochester, NY. Been sitting out at the pool for 3 days in a row. I have an awesome sunglasses tan and I was trying to capture it in this picture, sadly, the lighting did not allow this. I have a TON of pictures to upload tomorrow when I get home. PLUS I have to get up really early tomorrow morning, 6:15am flight. SO I am going to spend some time with the fam before we have to go to bed for the evening!! Hope everyone is doing well!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fillin' in the blanks

Since I know I will be busy partyin' it up in Rochester today and I want to take advantage of every second I have with the fam, I thought I'd go ahead and do a fill in the blank for ya'll today! Enjoy!

1.   I am a (morning, evening, middle of the day person)       I'm not really sure, when growing up I was a morning person but now I am generally a more tired person. I think if I have my time to wake up and get going (aka shower and bfast) I'm good to go. I am definitely not a night person though cause I get tired EARLY! So maybe I'm the middle of the day person...i don't really know?!?! haha!

2.  My favorite Pandora stations are    Mumford and Sons, Fleetwood Mac, and the Quiet Christmas station during the holidays!

3.  3 of my "must-have" songs for a road trip playlist are     hmmm...not sure about this one. I don't really have a playlist but I always like to dance and sing to some Glee music in the car!

4.  My favorite pattern is   anything cute and girly I suppose, can't think of anything in particular

5.  My favorite perfume is    right now I have this Orchid perfume by Halle Berry and it smells yummy!

6.  Rules are      made for a reason. I am a pretty structured by the book organized type girl so rules are helpful. But I've heard rules were made for breakin'!

7.  My most overused phrase or punctuation is       I use ellipses often...... and I say "so" a lot as a beginner filler cause I never know how to start thinks off... I do realize I have many more phrases I use often but these are the ones that immediately come to mind!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Webb Weekend --- Holla!

Hmmm.... Webb Weekend.... What is this?!

Well if you really wanna know then I'll tell ya! Webb weekend is normally the semi-annual meeting of my dad's side of the family. Either in PA or NY. And it is A. Lot. Of. Fun! See my family is awesome and we know how to have a good time together. And eat lots together. And laugh together. And play tennis together. And many more things together. Cause you see we all get along REALLY well, and honestly my family is the coolest. Things like this happen when we are together:

So this morning Me and this guy:
will be heading to Rochester, NY for Webb Weekend to be seeing these AH-MAZING folks:
 And a special treat added to this weekend is this beautiful girl's high school graduation party (Nora!!!!):
So there will be lots of partying, EATING, swimming, playing tennis, and general shenanagins this weekend and I am pumped about it! Cross your fingers that all of the flights and travelling works out for the family cause it won't be the same without everyone there. (minus Ian and Alycia, they have a new baby!)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shweaty Thursday

Goodness has been H-O-T these past couple of days, I mean hanging out in the 100s is not a fun place to be.

I've mentioned on facebook that once I get into the gym from walking from my car the craziness that ensues as I wrestle with my sweaty clothes in the locker room is slightly embarrassing. I mean, I am 23 years old I should be able to dress myself by now right?! Not when your jeans have decided to become a part of your body and do not want to remove themselves from your body! Or your sports bra becomes rolled on the back of your neck and won't unstick itself from your body. Yep, so I have definitely been grunting in the locker room these past couple of days just trying to prepare myself for a workout, which ends up being a workout itself.

I can't complain though, I'm glad to have the time to get there, because that time may quickly disappear when I get a real person job!

In other news... Guess who got her hurr (hair) cut yesterday evening?! That's! I spur of the moment-ed up a hair appointment yesterday I was tired of dealing with my hair so it had to go. And did it go! I know have a tiny baby ponytail and yes, sadly, I must use bobby pins. But speaking of the heat, I was glad I didn't have that extra like 4 inches of hair on me today, that would only make me even more of the weird sweaty girl in class!

 Michael wanted a 360 shot of the haircut...oh p.s. I felt bad for  my hairdresser, I came straight from turbokick to Ulta and I was a sweaty mess, like I left sweat marks in the chair. Yes I'm gross and I'm sorry!

 The face I made after Michael said the previous picture made me look preggo.... :(
You know what else I forgot to talk about this week?! The Amachi Legends game I went to with Adrielle and Michael and Adrielle's family!! Adrielle's brother J threw out the first pitch and it was a good looking one too, he's a great baseball player so I wasn't surprised! We had a great time together dancing to the music and watching the game but man was it hot and humid, which seems to be the theme of the week. I ended up leaving in the 4 or 5th inning cause I had worked out before and was tired of being sweaty and sleepy! Here are the few pics we got with Michael's phone since we didn't have the camera!

Also, y'all don't forget, you can still support me in my fundraising for Amachi and running in the Midsummer's night run on August 6th!! I have had a few checks of support come in but it would be a huge blessing to shower this organization with some love and financial support!! 
um hello hazy-ness!! It was a scorcher!

Michael spotted Randolph Morris sitting in the front row, a former UK player who has hit it big in China playing basketball, I felt weird asking to get a pic with him so I asked if Adrielle's sister could, we were all excited. I asked for his autograph but silly man didn't have any writing implements on him, ridiculous!!

A hazy night at the Lexington Legends game!
Oh and guess who took their last Master's level exam today?! this girl. I failed, for sure. Had no desire or drive to study what-so-ever. Whatevs...I'll probably cry when I get the grade but for now I don't really seem to care!

Well that's about it for me... gotta pick up around the house and pack for me flight to Rochester, NY tomorrow which leaves at 6:15am, it'll be an early morning for us tomorrow!! Good night friends!