Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Workout Wednesday!

So I feel like I haven't workout out as much this past week, not sure if that is actually true, maybe i've just been a super slacker shoving food in my face on my days off but here's to another Workout Wednesday!! (I actually think it was due to my taking my rest days in pretty close proximity to each other)

This weekend it will be a toughy to fit in exercise since we will be out of town Friday - Monday but I'm going to try and make it work!
 So how did I workout this past week?!

Thursday: Best run in a while, 3.75 miles with an exactly 8 minute mile pace on the treadmill. I felt very happy and full of endorphines after this run!

Friday: Lazy day?! Check! No workout...I think I was pretty busy!

Saturday: 9 AM KY Fit Club for me! I am really enjoying these free workouts which I will sadly have to miss this Saturday. We did ChaLEAN Extreme: Burn it off, which was super fast tempo and HARD! Since the first video only took like 30 minutes we did about 20 minutes of abs which involved a TON of push ups, which basically meant I just sat there struggling to push myself up like once or twice while everyone else was banging out the push ups!! haha!! We got to try a "dreamsicle" flavored recovery drink afterwards too, it wasn't too bad!  I also helped the Robertson's move for a few hours this day. Walking up to the third floor and back down carrying odd shaped items was definitely a nice little workout for me and my scrawny arms!

Sunday: Rest day, there was no time, we had a murder mystery party to set up and solve!

Monday: TURBOKICK = love of my life!

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run on treadmill, 8:08 minute mile. Was not particularly feeling the run, I was tired and lacking energy and calories to fuel my run, but I'm glad I did it. Did some arms and a little abs afterward.

Wednesday: Although this hasn't happened yet I will be attending another TURBOKICK class! WOOO!! Honestly ya'll  MUST try it!! I know you'll love it!!

I hope some of my workouts inspire you to get out there and workout too!! OR if you have any workout suggestions that you think I may like to try or suggestions on how to change up/better my routine let me know, I am very open to suggestions!!

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