Thursday, July 28, 2011

Junk Food and Brian Freezes

Oh goodness, today was another one of those bad eating days. But really, I couldn't help it. And honestly it was only my dinner and dessert that were bad for me and totally worth it of course!

My first eating catastrophe was the MSACC good-bye party. We had Pizza  Hut and cake together while some of our professors came in to say goodbye and we received mugs with the program's logo on it. (Yes, our class is not technically done until next Thursday, even though the last day we are really there is Wednesday but the class is winding down) So hey, free junk food, I mean it would be rude to deny it and I've basically paid for it in my tuition so I need to take what I paid for and deserve!

This eating nightmare resulted in the lack of a workout this evening because I felt like the food never left my stomach and that a workout may result in some vomit action. BLECK so now I feel full and unexercised!

Then came my Adrielle time of the week. I had originally planned to take her out to breakfast tomorrow morning BUT I found out she would be going to Tennessee with her Godmother this weekend so I had to improvise on the spot. I picked her up after I had digested my heavy in my stomach feeling pizza and cake and we drove to the closest Sonic to Adrielle's house. She hadn't eaten dinner so we ordered her a kids meal and an Oreo Blast.

The ice cream lover in me REALLY wanted ice cream, but the last time I had it, which was in Rochester last weekend, I felt like I was going to vomit due to  indigestion or something, all I know was it felt terrible.So I was going to try and stray away from the full on smack you in the face dairy choices.  So I went in thinking I was going to get a smoothie until Sonic ruined everything...

Ashley(speaking into outdoor microphone): Hey, I don't see smoothies on your menu anymore do you still have them?
Sonic Dude: Nope, we don't

Ashley's Head: Well shooooooot, what to do, what to do?!

Welll I knew Sonic has always been famous for their slush thingys so I went for the lemonberry real fruit slush. It was good and nice and cool but a little too super sugary tasting for me, but believe me, I consumed the whole thing anyway. To make myself feel better about not getting ice cream i convinced myself that the slush was a better option cause the ice cream is more expensive than what I got ...hhaah...that little mind trick won't continue to work for me though cause I DO know that the ice cream is better!

Here are 2 pics I snapped while Adrielle and I chowed down this muggy evening:
Nothing says summer like a large icy strawberry lemonade flavored bev!

Adrielle with all her loot....uh... I mean food!!
P.S. Adrielle told me she ordered the tots because Napoleon Dynamite got her craving some tots, how cute is she?! AND she shared her last 2 super crispy tots with me, double win, funny and sharing mentee!

After eating we headed back to Adrielle's neighborhood, both of us feeling full. I suggested a short walk up the block to get our stomach acid flowing in our stomachs. I think it helped a little. We met a very MANLY (if you know what I mean) Pitbull on our walk that completely soaked my hand and thigh in nasty slobber, but he was a nice little guy just intimidating and full of spit!!

Overall a great evening! Very much looking forward to my big plans tomorrow night and some of the events this weekend!

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