Monday, July 18, 2011

Who killed the Don?!

So I have like over 250 pictures from the evening that was AMAZING, known as the Bible Study Murder Mystery Party... I won't overkill yall with allll the pictures but I'll introduce the cast and show you some of the fun pictures we took!!

Joseph Whitney -- Played by Michael  and Ellen Whitney -- Played by Me!

Daria Delarosa -- Played by Catherine (Nico and  Anna) and Luca the dumb bodyguard - Played by Drew Hamilton

Sully - Played by Drew Hestad and Anna Dellarosa (widow, wife of the late Nico Dellarosa) played by Nicole (they were enemies in the real story)

Susan Whitney Sutton -- Played by Rachel (Joseph and Whitney's daughter) & Tom Sutton (married to Susan) -- Played by Jesse

Marietta the waitress -- Played by Danielle (dating Tony) & Tony Delarosa -- Played by Eric Hughes

Frankie the Entertainer -- Played by Michael F & Natalie Knose the reporter - Played by Grace

Fr. Patrick Oreilly -- Played by Jonathan
The scene was set.

The food was prepared.

And a murder mystery began!

So who done it?!!? It was Susan!! She was Nico's lover!

I think I can honestly said everyone had a fun night together!! (If you want to see more pictures from the evening, check out my facebook album, there's only so much I can post on here!) Prom style photos?!? Maybe....awesome-ness...definitely!

Oh and folks.... watch out, Carson is a little obsessed with the computer. Michael and I as parents need to shorten his internet time, silly puppy!

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