Monday, July 25, 2011

Webb Weekend Recap


- Michael and I woke up at 4:15 to make it to our 6:15 am flight to Detriot
-Fly from Detriot to Rochester
learning on the flight!
 -The party begins because we have arrived!!
- Straight from airport to a German deli with Uncle Bill...intense German food, not my thing, but I gave it a go!The men had German beer and I just had a water, Michael and I both tried the sides of German Potato Salad and noodles, they were yummy but this was a little too heavy for lunch!

This is Oscar Meyer, the original owner of the deli, see his picture to his right?

-Time to help with the party prep festivities...aka...helping "clean" the pool, or sitting in it for 4 hours!
-Dinner: Aunt Britta's famous Stromboli or as Michael would like to call it Cannolis haha
- Wait for cousin Nate and Liz to nodding off
- Nate and Liz arrive, boys play beer pong in basement...I fall asleep...yawn!


-WAKE UP! Time to prep for the grad party! Food to be cooked, tables to be set up, things to be cleaned, it was a busy morning and everyone helped!

- At 11 the party began. The family ate together, played a little cornhole and "Kan Jam" and then went to our favorite place for the rest of the day, the pool!

- Party Cleanup
-Dinner leftovers
-Awesome yummy Aunt Betty Jean cake AND COOKIE CAKE!!

Cousins with sunglasses tans!

Anika and Ashley - besties forever!

Family Photo -- Melina hurt her back so we decided to all lay on the floor together!

Twin tooth brushes! awesome!

- Wait for Anika to arrive
-Fall asleep, exhausted!

- Wake up achy from sofa bed
- eat, AGAIN
- Go with boys cousins to watch them play disc golf while the girls took pictures

the "blood" cousins that went disc golfing

-Lunch AGAIN! Dessert again!
- Some family leaves
-POOL photoshoot time!

We had Sally Hansen Nail Effect girl time...aren't they fun!?

- Chinese takeout for dinner
- Family tennis time and badminton time

-Remaining family movie time, "Hall Pass"
-Sleep time

- Get up at 4:15 am for 6:15 flight and sadly realize that Webb weekend FLEW by :(

I love my Webb Weekend and this one definitely didn't disappoint. I have over 250 pictures, so if you want to check out more check out my facebook, I just couldn't really put this weekend into words unless I just told you it was awesome, spectacular, wonderful, relaxing, fun, hilarious, filling, fatting, sun burnt (in a good way), and toooooo fast! .... I LOVE my family!

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