Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend in Review

Hey Frieeennndss!! How was your weekend?! I 'm sure it was spectacular! Well let's recap some of the stuff I did this weekend!!

First of all this is what I consumed after  my test, nothing can get in the way of a girl and her popcorn and TV!

Friday was a blast at Flo-Critt, we made homemade ice cream sandwiches with HUGE chocolate chip cookies we made, they were so good, but also TOO big!!
Then after Flo-Critt I went out with Michael, Nicole, Drew, and Catherine for drinks at Cheapside (well one drink), it was the PERFECT evening for sitting out on the patio, it was great!!

Then it was Saturday, Michael and I got to sleep in for the first time in a while so we enjoyed that and after hanging around for a bit went downtown to Lexington's Farmers Market with Steve, we all enjoyed Crepes!! I got the Nutella Crepe with bananas, gosh, I def could not eat it all! The boys got savory crepes with ham and cheese and they loved them! The farmers market was packed with people, children, dogs, fruits, and veggies and DANG was it hot out!! I love going down there for the farmers market though!  We then eventually dragged ourselves to the gym. I forced myself to do 6 miles and it was TOUGH, it was soooo hot inside, but I did the mileage at least!!
supery sugary crepe!

Then it was time for our surprise random trip!! We packed up the dogs, tent, and camping gear and headed to Michael's Dad's farm about 30 minutes away in Willisburg, Kentucky! Michael and I registered for a tent for our wedding (well I did) and Dustin and Christina thankfully got it for us and this was our first time using it!! On the way there I talked to my Dad and he asked, "isn't it too hot to camp?!" Well it was fine, a little toasty but fine!

We arrived at the farm it was a little after 7, so we had about 2 1/2 hours of light. It was perfect! We got the tent and our area figured out and then we went on a walk with the dogs! I'm so glad we could bring the boys and let them run, they are so good! We went down to the creek and rolled up our pants and played in the creek with the dogs. It was cool and refreshing!

we borrowed Michael's Dad Nissan XTerra cause we def needed 4-wheel drive

our little campsite!

the view from our tent with Carson sprinting towards us

more of our view!

Tent building success!
our fortress!!
 Then it was dinner time, Michael successfully created a fire and I warmed up a can of baked beans and hot dogs and we enjoyed a tasty little dinner!!
Beans and Dogs (Hot dogs that is!) on the fire!

Hot dogs, baked beans, carrots, Fritos, and a beer for Michael...oh and our table was an up-side down recycling bin

Our puppies still wet from playing in the creek!
And you can't go camping without SMORES!! *yes I have something in my teeth, it was dark so I guess Michael' couldn't warn me!**

Then after watching the stars for an hour, which were Ah-mazing, we decided we should hit the hay. Michael fell asleep instantly, I on the other hand did not, the dogs would awake to any noise and I just couldn't get comfortable. Eventually I fell asleep and was awoken pretty early by Carson, who has ALWAYS been an early riser! So we got up and munched on some poptarts, we didn't want to attempt another fire.

Then it was time for another walk through the woods with the dogs. *the camera died the night before so we have no more pictures!*, the walk was nice except for the MAJOR amount of spider webs, I hate walking through them and then you just feel silly swiping them away!

Then we had to take down camp and everything before it got way too hot. What a great time! The point of our little trip was to #1 camp with our new tent but #2 test out the camping with doggies waters, I think it was a success. They listened and obeyed. Got to run around leash free. And basically allowed us to get a good nights rest! YAY!

Today after cleaning up Michael's Dad's car and cleaning the house Michael and I both napped before church, which was great as usual. Tonight we had a cereal party for dinner as well. We got some blueberry shredded wheat and Honey Nut Chex and watched the "Freakonomics" documentary on Netflix which was actually very interesting!!

Well that's about it for this weekend, I am tired and have to get up early for the 7:30 AM Bluegrass 10k, please pray for no rain and cool temperatures and my survival!! Good night friends!

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