Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How I Worked out Wednesday

Hello friends! It must be that time of the week when I inform you about how I worked out this past week. So let's get it started!!

Wednesday: Do I even need to say what I did?? TurboKick!

Thursday: Rest day I believe, otherwise I can't remember!!

Friday: 4 mile run on treadmill!

Saturday: Insanity Cardio Recovery -- 30 minutes of pure muscle stretching and pulsing goodness, remember how sore I was?!

Sunday: 30 minutes on elliptical, 3 reps of 12 of like 6 different arm exercises, and 3 reps of 20 of 2 different ab exercises. Great workout with the hubs!

Monday: What what?! TurboKick...ya'll, really you should try it!

Tuesday: Rest day! Cause you need to rest yo!

Wednesday:  Another great night at TurboKick!! We got a new cardio section and I got my sweat on!

So you know what I learned this week? And it's COMPLETELY obvious, working out consecutively really does increase the amount of energy I have the next day for my next workout, well except for when you are so sore you can't move...BUT...during the normal workout sessions I have found this is true. Last Wednesday I did turbokick after not working out for a couple days and I had no energy what-so-ever. This week I have had so much energy in turbokick and I know it's due to the fact that I worked out a lot more. I have a great amount of energy thanks to that. Sooooo...don't get down on yourself, just persuade yourself to get to the gym and you won't regret it, I promise!

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