Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mixin' up a few days

So since I've been a little slow about updating ya'll on what's been going on the past couple of days I will be updating you on everything from like wednesday-ish to Saturday-ish tonight. Tomorrow I'll recap our AWESOME Sunday activities, cause they were unbelievable and crazy fun!

So what's better than using a picture recap?!?

Well shoot, I had a picture of Annie eating Orange Leaf from Wednesday night and now it's gone!! Silly technology...well just imagine in your mind, super cute Annie making a super cool face eating super yummy ice cream!!

Thursday I went to the dog park with Mrs. Kara and her lovely doggy Lucy. Our dogs had fun. Mine may have had a little too much fun, Willis had a thing for all the ladies if you know what I mean!!

Friday: Still no pictures, gosh this is a pretty crummy picture recap isn't it?!? I went to Flo Critt with Danielle and Kara and we made Lemon Drop Muffins, they had a lemon glaze on them and they were DELISH!! Then it was off to "The Attic" to watch my friend Bryan perform an acoustic set, a large majority of MSACC students were there, we practically filled up the whole bar! ....and here come the Friday pictures:
Shelley and Eric (the one's who just got engaged in Las Vegas!)

Michael and I of course!

Me with some pretty cool accounting girls: Rachel and Shelley! LOVE THEM!

gotta get a pic of that bling!

well, it looks like I'm making a mustache ...buttttt i'm definitely pointing out Shelley's bling!
Friday evening was fun and then came along Saturday pretty rather quickly!!

I woke up and went to KY fit club, the free exercise class I did last week....well this week we did Chalean Extreme and then a little abs after that (super sore again!) and then we had a creamsicle flavored refueling drink after. Great workout to start out the day.

Then I went to help the Robertson's move out like I mentioned before.

Then it was date night with the hubs. We haven't had a formal date night in a while and it was a great night. Like Michael and I both legitimately had a great time! I finally used my living social coupon to "Halls on the river" and man did we like it!! Halls on the river is about a 20ish minute drive from Lexington down Athens-Boonesboro Road (aka Richmond Road) down by the river. We opted to sit outside for dinner on their deck that's over the river. We had a wonderful time and the bugs surprisingly did not attack like they do in Lexington!!

We even got to randomly meet up and chat with my good friend Jennie, she's so much fun!
since we had the coupon for $15 for $30 worth of food, we really didn't hold back since we basically had $15 off our meal. Michael and I both started off with cocktails...I had something like Sugar Cane something, it had light rum and it was pink and tasted like candy!

Michael had something that tasted like fizzy lemonade, I believe it had vodka in it and it was yummmy!
Then we ordered the beer cheese as an appetizer because many of the online reviews suggested that we do so. It was good, but pretty standard beer cheese in our books!
Then it was time for the big meal! Michael ordered a pound of white fish and I ordered a burger with swiss cheese. 2 burgers in one week for me?!? This is unheard of! I NEVER eat burgers, but was definitely craving one and it was great! I got an order of steamed veggies as my side cause I neeed some healthy food in my life!

fish face with his fish!!
After stuffing our faces I wanted to do dessert cause it was date night. Even though we were stuffed to the gills!! Michael and I had never had fried Oreos before. Yes I know, heart attack on a plate right?! but we had to, I mean, it fit with the scenery!!! They were delish of course, but what fried food isn't?!

Overall a great meal, great ambiance, and great time! We ended up spending almost $30 dollars with the coupon but I don't think that's bad for an appetizer, 2 drinks, 2 meals, and dessert!!

After our dinner Michael and I headed home to watch a Netflix movie, we had "Where the Wild Things Are". It was super cute, kinda strange, but interesting!! And then we passed out in bed cause it was 12:30 and it had been a LONGGGGG day!!

Well that wraps up those days, be looking forward to hearing about our super awesome Sunday!! Good night friends!

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