Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Welcome to another Workout Wednesday, the time where I recap my workouts from the past week!!

*Readers must note that I went on a little weekend vaca to Rochester, NY from Friday - Monday morning so working out was slightly sparse. I brought workout gear but could never motiviate myself to get out and do it...bad Ashley!*

Thursday:  Ran 3.5 miles with an 8:01 min mile pace on the treadmill. These hot temps need to go away! Although I do sometimes enjoy being able to increase my pace with the push of a button and watching Cake Boss while running!
Friday: Early flight...sleepy Ashley...does pool lounging count as a workout?!

Saturday: Ummm... I helped set up and clean up a grad party...and moved my hand from my mouth to the cookie cake and back and forth OH and I laid in the pool for about 7 hours and got entirely too sunburnt...calories burnt?? probably like 6 haha!

Sunday: Pool Time again...more active in the pool today though! Also played a tiny amount of tennis and badminton...pssst...if I buy a badminton set will you play with me? It's fun for a girl who has no coordination cause the shuttlecock takes so long to fall!

Monday: YAY! Turbokick, the class was harder for me due to my lack of movement during the weekend and my extreme consumption of all things fatty, sugary, salty, and scrumptious!  (I found out that there will only be 3 more classes after this one when the new schedule starts for fall semester, booo that!)

Tuesday: 3.5 miles in 27:59, which is a 7:59 min mile pace, WOOOO...sweaty chicka here!

Wednesday: **planning on going to turbokick** BUT my Masters class is meeting up at Pazzos at 5 for Pint Night as a last celebratory get together of our class...the girl who ate a lot this weekend is trying to convince me to skip the gym...the girl that almost died in turbokick on Monday due to my laziness is encouraging me to go to the class! I think I may have to go to the class cause of the very few of them remaining and maybe I'll show my classmates what a truly sweaty girl looks like!!

That wraps up another workout Wednesday!! Get out there and get your booty movin' and your blood pumpin'!

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