Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Workout Wednesday

It's another one of those workout Wednesdays! And after a workout hiatus on Monday and Tuesday because I felt purely awfully, today has been a day with TWO workouts, even though my cough still lingered I had opportunities to do 2 really cool and new classes! So I powered through my cough and grossiness filled lungs and worked my behind off!

Thursday: Thoroughbred Classic 5k at Keeneland with the family! A good way to start Thanksgiving!

Friday: Rest day. My illness was starting to set in this day.

Saturday: KY Fit Club of course! We did P90x Cardio X, and with not feeling well this semi-hard class felt pretty hard on my body.

Sunday: Since I felt ultra sore from my workout Saturday I decided that Turbofire Yoga was a good option. After 40 minutes of yoga and super stretching I thought I'd feel better. WRONG. Oh well!

Monday & Tuesday: Rest day -- filling the effects of sickness, decided my body needed the rest since I felt terrible from doing the 2 workouts on Saturday and Sunday, I had what felt like double soreness.

Wednesday! Today was my super fun and special workout day!

Workout Class #1: I saw on my friend Holly's facebook someone posting about a free trial class called TurboFit. I had no idea what that meant but I loved the words "free workout" so I messaged the guy to learn more. I even convinced Michael to come along!! We met in this warehouse/garage type thing out near all the industrial buildings near Masterson Station. 

The area smelled of fresh paint fumes and had all kinds of punching bags and equipment. There were about 20 people there. They warmed us up and then got us started. The class format was set up in stations. We would do 5 exercises at each station, each for 50 seconds a piece the first time through and 30 seconds the 2nd time through.

The circuit included the following:
-Floor Ladder (like what football players use) - we did quick sprints, hops, scissors, and shuffles down them
- Medicine Balls - We did medicine ball throws onto the ground, to our sides, and lifts.
- Mats on floor - here we did 4 different ab workouts
- Hurdles - we did all kinds of different leg lifts over the hurdles here
-Super heavy ropes - We had to spin them in large circles, then quick small circles, to the right, then to the left.

This workout was intense and we got super sweaty and I will definitely be sore, but I know I burnt a ton of calories and my shoulder muscles could barely move once we were done!

Workout Number 2!: Now don't judge on this workout because it was done with 3 other girl friends that are married, that I am close to and it was a great, fun, time!  Nothing dirty, raunchy or wrong with this class, it is fitness folks!! Our teacher had the greatest amount of arm strength I have ever seen! And she has never been a STRIPPER! I was informed that strippers don't do moves like this because that's not really what happens at strip clubs apparently! Sorry Grandma and Grandpa, I know you read this, but believe me I am innocent still!! 

Back in June the four of us purchased Living Social coupons for a group pole dancing fitness class...see Martha Stewart does it too!
We signed up for the beginners class which taught us simple floor moves, 3 spins, and a few moves on the pole. It was a great workout full of laughs! I must say that I will be covered in bruises tomorrow and I might not be able to use my arms what-so-ever. Here is one of the 3 spins we did!
And now it is late, I haven't eaten dinner, and my tummy is a rumbling!!

I hope you enjoyed this very special edition of Workout Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Rainy/Snowy Tuesday

Greetings! I hope you all enjoyed my Christmas list post. It's beginning to look like Christmas here, apparently people in Lexington saw snowflakes during the day today and we are supposed to get some snow tonight! brrrrr! Today was a lazy day in Kasten world! Michael returned from his Tampa interview with a very positive attitude about the program and the warmth of Florida of course!

Tonight we hung out with our good friends Kara and Jon. We ate the Pizza Hut big box and watched basketball, and just hung out and chatted. Michael and I even went over to their house in our comfy clothes and shoes!

On a random note, guess what I got to see today when I got home from work?!?
Our mantle!! Which I haven't seen in a few weeks!! My friend Travis bought the tv from us and was waiting on the weather to hold off for a couple hours so that he could move the thing in a truck without ruining it. Oh and check out under the tree, I have already wrapped 5 presents! I'm not normally that on top of things but since I was feeling sick it was an easy task to do sitting in front of the tv, plus it gives the tree a more Christmas-y feel. Next job, hang the stockings!

Oh and other good news. Michael and I checked our electric bill from last month and it had gone from $54 to $218 !! It's not even December or January yet and our highest bill last year was $175 with our bad air system!! I knew something had to be wrong, so we contacted the guy that installed our new unit this summer and he came and looked at it today. Apparently two wires were crossed and it was causing the A/C to run while the emergency heat was trying to heat up our house at the same time, AKA using a ton of energy. Another reason why I haven't felt like our house has been warm. Now the house feels fine and toasty at temps where I was freezing a day or 2 ago!!

Well it's a late evening for me, I'm off to bed, fingers crossed that I don't cough/wheeze the night away!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Silly Girl's Wish List

Although a girl could wish for things like world peace and no hunger. I always wish for these things year round. This wish list will be composed of some of the things I'd LOVE to have for Christmas. I've seen a couple of girls on different blogs do this and I thought it'd be fun and a change up from my boring every day life!! Enjoy!

1. Garmin Forerunner - GPS running watch

These things can get pretty pricey, but they have older models as well. They have the ability to time, track the distance you've gone, and the pace and I'm sure other things that I'm not aware of! It would make my runners a lot easier knowing how far I've gone and if I'm moving like a slug!

2. Cold weather running tights/pants

I own one pair of spandex, but honestly they don't give much warmth. After a tiny bit of research I've discovered they make fleece lined tights, or even thicker spandex-like tights. These would be nice to help convince me to go out in run in the cold with the promise of keeping my legs nice and toasty!

3. Runner's World Subscription

Michael has his car magazines. Ashley should get some running magazines! I don't think I've had a magazine subscription since we got Highlights (the kids magazine!) And maybe if I just READ the magazine's I'll look like this girl above (tee hee, yeah right like I could 5 inches too)

4. Compression Socks

Dorky? Perhaps. But I've heard great things about compression socks and sleeves and I think it'd be nice to try them out for running. Maybe?! Would you still be my friend?

5. More boots!

I love the boots I got for Christmas (I believe it was christmas) last year but I want mooorree!! Long boots in different browns and blacks! Definitely keep this chilly girl warm in the winter.

6. Dog Car Hammock/blanket

Unnecessary? Well. If you have 2 dogs, both a different color and plush seats, a simple short car ride brings a blast of fur to my car. This thing looks like it protects the car from the fur and the dogs from flying off the seat!

7. Coffee Table - No picture because I haven't found this non-existent, cheap, dark cherry coffee table or TV stand that I've been searching for!

8. Running Medal Rack/Bib Rack

I have all these medals and bibs from races just sitting around. Wouldn't it be nice to display for all to see?!

9. Bike Shorts

To make those long rides much more comfortable and much more cushion for the tush!

10. A cute little wristlet
I like my little wallet, but it doesn't fit my phone in it. I'd love to have some type of wristlet that held my monster phone!

So there are a few things that are on my Christmas list. Obviously I won't get them, they are expensive (most of them), but a girl can dream! :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rainy Sunday -- kinda Funday

Happy Sunday to all!

My Sunday started EARLY ... earlier than I would wish for my last day of Thanksgiving break, but it was for my hunny! I had to drop Michael off at the airport at 6:25 for his flight to Tampa...tear... but he'll be back tomorrow!

After dropping him off I tossed and turned in bed for a couple hours, still feeling sick, but finally got up for 10 o'clock church with Lela! It was great to have a church buddy!

After church I thought it would be a good idea to do some Turbofire Yoga since I was feeling SUPER sore from my workout yesterday. That workout wouldn't normally make me that sore, but I think my sickness didn't help. After the yoga I began to feel even worse all over. I guess the yoga didn't have the effect that I was hoping. OH wellll.

After some around the house stuff it was time to hang out with Adrielle. Despite feeling terrible I knew I really should see this girl or another week would pass by. So we did some painting of a picture frame, ok, well, Adrielle did the painting. I was the lookout for the table, protecting it from sprays and drips of paint...
Adrielle created a masterpiece. She wrote her name in tiny letters down the side and then my name HUGE, which I wasn't expecting. Then once I had ordered the picure to put inside it she told me she wanted me to keep it. Now I have the pleasure of displaying her art in our house! I'm a proud mentor!
After dropping my friend off at her house I walked into the house to see this. 
Then came the tears, I felt so sick already and then Carson decides to tear up the bed and I am home alone. Boo. Girl moment? Maybe, but uhhhhh whatever. Then my tears and anger caused Carson to have his scared pee dribble reaction on the carpet. Whatevs, I'm over it now :)

Well luckily I had this HUGE pile of laundry to cheer me up. This is 3 loads. There was still one load in the dryer. How do 2 relatively small people create such massive amounts of laundry. And how does my husband always have the ability to sneak away when it's time to do it?!

 The husband did feel that the pictures of where he was interviewing would cheer me up. RIGHT...rain here... beautiful sunset with orange rays coming off of the hospital in the distance.

I must say though that this is pretty gorgeous, especially for a hospital ! :) (from the back)
 the front of the hospital
Suck in that Vitamin D from that photo, cause we didn't get any sunshine today!

Tomorrow starts back the work week. whoop-dee-dooooo!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Recap

So this evening I think I finally awakened from my holiday slumber/laziness and now I am ready to tell you about the past few days! :)

For the first time ever I started my Thanksgiving day off with a Thanksgiving day 5k! You think being the runnre that I am that I would have done some kind of race before. But nope. It was a lot of fun, however, time was not of issue because we started in the very back of the race and I spent the whole entire race trying to get passed the walkers, small children, strollers, and dogs. It was still a lot of fun though despite running alone, I could not find Becca before the race started, but apparently we are meant to run together. Upon checking our official times we were just 1 second apart!! Hiliarious!!

Luckily though I did find my running sole mate after the race!

 And no, I just don't wear flourescent hunting orange colored hats! Andrea made the 4 of us Thanksgiving themed running hats, isn't that fun?!
Sadly I didn't get a picture of my dad, but he ran the race toO!! I loved having him there, it was a lot of fun, did I say that already? Definitely going to do a race like this again next year! A great way to start Thanksgiving!

After the race Michael and I showered up and headed over to Lisa's parents house in Lexington. Where we chilled, watched football, and paced waiting for the delicious food to be ready. No, I'm not rude for pacing, Michael and I were on a tight schedule and had to leave by a certain time to eat at his parents house. We luckily had about 10 minutes to scarf down this lovely spread, say  our goodbyes, and rush out the door!
 Then we grabbed the dogs and headed over to the Kasten's where I still tried to keep my portion sizes down but felt like I was about to explode when the whole eating thing was over. That meant nap time!!

At 7 that night Michael's family and my family met up at the movie theater to see the most family friendly, hilarious, loveable movie... THE MUPPETS!

Jason Segel and Amy Adams were perfect for this movie. And I loved all the cameos!

This brings us to Friday! Which is my day of laziness However, we did escape the house for a few hours to see the opening of the Unified Trust Ice Rink in downtown Lexington, which was sponsored by Michael's Dad's company. Because of this he got to give a speech with the mayor to open up the whole thing! Luckily it was a balmy sunny 60-ish degrees, so being outside was GREAT!

 It was hard to see the little skate routines on the rink so Michael lifted me up on his shoulders to get a better view, i love him! oh and yes we both wanted to wear our race shirts from the day before so we were twins.
 After the ice rink the Kasten family headed over to Sawyers, a restaurant across the street to enjoy one of their famous burgers. Then it was time to head home to return to my spot on the couch. Hey, I was taking FULL advantage of my time off from work. Also, I am suffering from some sort of throat death, AKA a sore throat.

Oh but wait! I also decorated the house for Christmas!! Ok, so not exactly gorgeous, we have this monster tv facing the fireplace like it's in time out because it is in the process of being sold, so I have to wait to hang the stockings until this giant is out of our living room!

Saturday: Is that the right day of the week?! I am super thrown off by everything now due to this holiday, but hey I'm not complaining!! I woke up groggy and still sore throated but I NEEDED to get a workout in so I headed to KY Fit club, glad I went.

However, it was right back to the couch for me after, still wasn't feelin' too hot!

Michael on the other hand headed up to the big UK vs Tennessee game. I sadly couldn't go cause I had an eye doctor appointment that I had to schedule 2 months ago because they are so hard to get into. Apparently this place likes to dilate your eyes as well. And Micheal stole my sunglasses for the game. Driving home was eye death. OUCH!

Back to couch after the eye doc I devised a dinner scheme...Indian Food for me and Michael!!

Masala was the place and Chicken Tikka Masala for me! I was definitley craving it and it totally hit the spot!
 This is what happens when you try to take a pic of your cute husband but you are laughing. And you are too enthralled with your delish food to try to retake the pic!
And now my hubby and I are snuggled on the couch. UK basketball. Happiness. Goodnight!

Friday, November 25, 2011


I think I'm having a true little work "vaca" and along with that comes a desire to not write a blog. I want to talk about the past 2 days and give it the time it deserves. And right now I'm not feeling it.

I'm in uber lazy mode.

Super sore throat mode.

Thank you Dustin...maybe?

Lay on the couch all day mode.

Maybe workout tomorrow mode?

Anti-social mode.

Go to bed, while the husband socializes, mode.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I have been overfed. Over lazied. And overly thankful for everything I have been blessed with in my life! Today I am thankful!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Drama Filled Thanksgiving Eve

As Michael and I made our way back from Georgia this afternoon we encountered the typical pre Thanksgiving traffic and the beautiful mountains in Tennessee...
What we did not expect to encounter was some good old Tennessee mountain gas station drama.
Yes gas station drama. We stopped at the gas station immediately to relieve ourselves, the dogs, and fill up the car. Michael took doggy duty while I rushed inside to use the facilities.

Upon entering the women's restroom I am greeted by a line. Typical business for a womens restroom, nothing out of the ordinary. A woman in her 50's, nicely dressed, is in line in front of me. However, in 1 of the 2 occupied stalls I hear a foul mouthed woman yelling at this woman in line. Telling her to shut her mouth, she can use the restroom as long as she'd like. There's no law against that. She is yelling at this nice woman who just needs to use the bathroom. The lady in the stall is also talking on the phone at the same time about her "bowel issues".

Good grief. 

Well I thought that was it. Heck no.

Moments pass, one of the stalls frees up, but the woman in the other stall continues to have a potty mouth. 2 girls a little younger than me come in and ask if this is a line. I said yes. The woman in the stall screams, if you are going to talk about me then at least do it loud enough so I can hear you. 

Of course I wasn't talking to this woman, I think she thought I was the older woman waiting in line. The 2 younger girls think this is hilarious and giggle. 

Then, next thing we know, the 2 women working at the Shell gas station barge into the bathroom screaming at this woman.

"you've been in here for an hour, you can do your drugs somewhere else!!"

More screaming fires back from the woman in the stall. "You can't make me come out, I have bowel issues, I can stay as long as I'd like"

The gas station woman inform us she has been in here for a long time and that she walked into the gas station with "open mouth sores". Um..ew.

Michael is now in the gas station, asking me what's going on and the 2 younger girls and I determine we will try to use the men's restroom since the gas station women believe this woman is a little cray cray. Ew another problem. Apparently men can't flush a toilet. Mens bathroom was a no-go.

So we return to the drama outside. The gas station attendant is now trying to kick down the stall door in the restroom because "druggy woman" is refusing to open the door still even after threats that the cops were on their way.

"druggy lady"'s friend comes into the bathroom now telling off the gas station women. 

After a minute of screaming "druggy lady" finally opens the stall with a fit of rage tearing out of the bathroom and attacking the younger gas station attendant. Hair ripping, punching, and kicking occurs right in the middle of the gas station.  Then druggy lady's friend attacks as well. Michael and I stand back in shock, not knowing what to do. An older man is sitting inches away from the fight and just continues to eat slowly, not even turning around at the nasty trash fighting going on behind him.

Getting a first glimpse of the druggy for the first time, she is tiny, probably under 5 feet tall, SO skinny, sunken in face, and yes those sores were there.

This is when the cops rush in. They handcuff the druggy girl who is screaming and very angry. And her friend is huffing and puffing. 

And then I finally remember to breathe. Whew...who knew that a potty break would be so dramatic?

Michael told me to catch a quick shot of the scene from the car..great quality right? But we were pumping with adrenaline so we thought it'd be a good idea..

You can see druggy lady cuffed in the pink slouched over talking to the cop. The 2 girls behind them are the girls that were with me in the bathroom. And the lady in the blue by the minivan is the druggy friend.
Michael and I didn't stay to see what happened, we thought it'd be best to get back on the road and away from the craziness.

With all that being said on this Thanksgivings eve I am very thankful for the following:

-being safe throughout that whole episode
-not being involved with drugs
-for a safe ride home (after this incident we saw 3 major accidents on the highway headed south)
-for a loving supportive family that I can visit on the fly
-and sooooo many other things

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving eve, relax, be thankful and get your stomach ready for the eating extravaganza tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nothing like family time

Today was another great day in Georgia!! I l-o-v-e spending time down here and getting to see my family!

Michael, Aunt Carin, and I started our day off pretty lazily watching some sleezy tv for a while. At around 11 Michael and I got motivated and decided we should go for a run. But we went separatly due to our different levels of fitness, etc. I took Mr. Carson with me. We ran almost 3, but it was a definite struggle. My body is already used to running in cooler weather and the 75 degree weather was intense, though I cannot complain!

After lunch it was time to head over to the grandparents house!!

They live about 45 minutes from my Aunt's house. This was Michael's first time ever visiting their house, and I'm really glad he did. He finally got to see everything I was talking about from their house.

Also my Grandparents got to meet our dogs!! Willis and Carson LOVED grandma!! (attractive of me, right?)

When we arrived, with dogs in tow, we headed out on my grandpa's walking trail through the woods. I'm sure I mentioned this trail in a post in the past from the last time I was here but for those of you that didn't read that post the trail is a pretty good length trail my grandpa created years ago. The trail is lined with logs, little bridges, a creek, signs, and little fake birds and there used to be a swing set at the end. It was always so much fun for all us cousins to play on. And Michael finally got to see it and walk it!

After the walk we all chatted outside on the deck, because the weather here 2 days before Thanksgiving was AMAZING. The dogs just sniffed around happy to be outside.

Then it was dinner time! Aunt Carin made lasagna, mmmm!! It was delicious! My cousin Cory and Uncle Lewie also joined us for dinner!
It was fun to have 7 of us smooshed around the table eating, talking, and laughing together.

After dinner we moved into the living room and chatted for a bit and I read little excerpts from a book made by my Aunt Carin for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary in 2006. It was funny reading the letters we wrote to our grandparents then. I read mine, Dustin's, and my 2 boy cousins letters. It was good and everyone laughed and remembered great memories.

With that we moved upstairs to Grandpa's room. They always called it the bonus room but today my Grandma said something about how Grandpa has always had his own room, but now-a-days it is popular for a man to have his own "man cave" but my Grandpa has had his for ages!!

We found some old pictures

um how in the world did I finish my popsicle 15x faster than Cory and Dustin? Is this a sign to come of my ice cream addiction? And yes, I looked like a little boy, my hair didn't grow until I was like 4.

Cory and I redisocovered the toy closet with the tinker toys and lincoln logs.
 We even remembered the sound and smell of that closet from when we were younger. Oh how nostalgic! Michael also got to see the tons of airplane models that my Grandpa has made, they are super impressive!

Michael also got to see my Grandpa's license plate collection in the garage, there are more to the right

 And my grandpa's 55' Oldsmobile in the garage as welL!

And guess what?!?!? Michael got his turn to drive the Olds. Michael, Grandpa, Cory, and I loaded up in the Olds and drove around town a little. We have all had our turn driving the Olds and now Michael can say he has too! It was slightly terrifying driving such an old car because you don't want to do anything bad to this beautiful car!
And now that it is monsooning we are back at my Aunt's house. We had a great visit with my grandparents! I soooo wish we could see them more often cause they are the liveliest, peppy people I know, so full of life and energy!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Doggy filled day in Georgia

Today I woke up in the great state of Georgia in a super comfy bed. I remembered my doggies were here with me and immediately went down to check on them. Apparently they were good the WHOLE night, yippee!

Our plans for the day included visiting my cousin Cory at his house.

We stopped at taco bell on the way over (yay!) to bring some lunch and visit. While we were there we got to meet all 5 dogs that live in his house. Plus one additional dog!! The dogs included 2 chihuahuas, 1 wiener dog, 1 mixed dog, 1 great Dane, and the visiting dog was a beautiful white husky with a blue eye and a brown eye. It was definitely funny seeing all the different shapes and sizes of dogs!

After hanging out with my cousin my Aunt and I headed back to the house to grab the dogs. We headed out for a walk around my Aunt's church property, we probably covered a few miles and the dogs loved being off the leashes. The dogs also got to meet some new friends:

As we approached the cows they all curiously trotted up to the fence to check out the dogs and the dogs sniffed back in return, it was super cute!! well until, one of the dogs barked and scared the cows!

After a good long sweaty walk (high was 77 today, crazy awesome November weather) we headed back to the house where I decided to do a quick Turbofire video and Aunt Carin watched. She reads about this DVD workout in my blog but didn't know what it was, so of course, I made a total fool of myself showing her!

Finally...Michael arrived! He flew in this afternoon on a buddy pass!! Once he was here we all headed to dinner at the ORIGINAL Shane's Barbecue, which is just down the street from my families' house. It was delicious !! Plus we got to try/retry fried okra and Brunswick stew. (Aunt Carin and I shared all this food)

After dinner we digested a little. Then my uncle Lewie asked if I'd be interested in getting ice cream. I was like, UM when am I not?!?!? So we loaded up the dogs AGAIN and headed out to their local Brusters (this is where my family discovered brusters). The humans enjoyed their ice cream and so did the pooches. You can see the excitement on their faces as ice cream approached!!

Aunt Carin also enjoyed her doggy sized treat while the other humans had giant sized portions.

And now we are back to the house and the dog are passed out on the floor in exhaustion, what a great fun filled day!