Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Friendly Face

Sometimes being away for work all the time is hard. No personal time or conversation with people, or even just a hug. But today was a special treat for me!

After a SUPER long day of working, productive yet tiring we headed back to the hotel. We are staying in Charleston, WV this week. I had planned a special meet up for the evening. Do you know who lives in Charleston?! (well at least for the time being!). Mrs Lela and Mr. Eric of course!! I was so excited to make plans with this lovely married couple. It was wonderful to just see a friendly face or two and chat it up comfortably.

We met at Panera, which was a short walk across the hotel parking lot for me. Lela and I ordered the same meal. I kinda copied her soup. I have never had the black bean soup so I thought about trying it. It was pretty good, but I guess my body isn't used to black bean soup cause I felt SO full!

We spent a couple hours chatting in Panera and then a little while outside in the parking lot chatting before finally saying goodbye. What a wonderful blessing it was to be surrounded by some great friends!!

Although i didn't get to workout this evening, it was totally worth it!!

Although being away from home at work there are a couple of pluses about staying in hotels is Hampton Inn's delicious, warm, melty cookies... (well...the picture is refusing to upload, but it looks like a chocolate, melty, poooo mess, but oh so delicious!)

Tomorrow is hump day! YAY!

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