Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Writing a blog post while endorphins are bursting through my brain?! It's like running crack and I L-O-V-E the feeling. But back to that in a minute!

Today at work I was the ONLY person in the financial institutions audit group in the building, it was quiet, lonesome and weird. Plus I'm a newbie, hello I need help constantly, why did you all abandon me/!? BUT there are upsides to everything and today I got to jam out to my music with no headphones and no one to judge me for my music selections. Why yes, I listened to some of the Glee (which oddly enough I didn't even name my post "Glee" because of this, but because I am gleefully full of endorphins, um duh!) soundtrack, a little Nicki Minaj, Country, and some Chris Thile banjo-ing it up...yes my music choices are awesome! At least I enjoyed my music because I had to tick and tie my first 10-Q today, and for those of you that don't know what that means, let me just paint the picture of the stereotypical accountant blasting away on their 10-key (10-key = calculator silly folks!), face inches from the screen on the computer and lots of scribbling, circling, etc. I have another one of these mama's waitin' on me tomorrow!

Anywho, after work I was heading on home, ya know, I'm really not used to this traffic thing and never know the best way to get home because I have been out of town for so long, so it's semi-frustrating waiting 20-30 minutes to make it the whole 3ish miles to my house. But as I was sitting, waitin' and wishin' I saw everyone and their brother, mother, and acquaintances out running (wow, spelled acquaintances right the first time!). Seriously, people were everywhere. I was originally planning on doing my turbofire DVD, but I can't give up these days of super perfect and comfortable running weather!! So I got home, stuffed a few animal crackers down my throat cause my tummy was a grumblin' and headed out!

The run was spectacular. I think I had pre-endorphins, my body just knew they were coming!! AND guess who I super randomly saw when I was running?! Well, I was just bookin' it up Chinoe focusing on what's ahead when I hear 3 girl voices yell my name from the car. Well hello there Adrielle and her family!!! Super random, I guess that's what pumped me up!! Another good thing about running when all this traffic is occurring is it makes you a little more self conscious about running. I try extra hard to not stop and look lazy or trip and face plant on my face which I tend to only do in the dark. Oh yeah and you don't want those guys that think they are hilarious to honk, wave, or yell some kind of obscenity at you so I'm all about an intense, focused run!

And now I feel great! I didn't stop once, which my office working, desk sitting at all-dayer self is proud of!!

OH and one last thing, let's hold Ashley accountable. My friend Aly created a "No Junk Food November" group on facebook for people to give up junk food for the month. You set your own goals though. And for me I am going to try and eliminate my post lunch/afternoon dessert (hopefully to be replaced by healthier snacking because today I was starving!)  And then my second goal is to reduce the amount of junk I consume while on the road for work. It's time to make better choices!! I tend to eat much healthier while at home, but on the road is a different story!! Anyone else want in, in the no junk food November? I'd be glad to hhold you accountable if you do the same for me! Pick whatever you want to get rid of, ice cream (not happening for  me, I'd turn into a monster and lose all my friends), fried food, fast food, soda, white bread, etc.! let me know!!

Now i'm off to prepare a meal that a king would like a 5 year old king!! Gortons fish filets (the only "seafood" I enjoy, with lots of ketchup!), zucchini, and some kind of leftover side.

P.S. I've had the Gorton's theme song in my head ever since I started writing..."trust the Gorton's fisherman!"

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