Monday, November 21, 2011

A Doggy filled day in Georgia

Today I woke up in the great state of Georgia in a super comfy bed. I remembered my doggies were here with me and immediately went down to check on them. Apparently they were good the WHOLE night, yippee!

Our plans for the day included visiting my cousin Cory at his house.

We stopped at taco bell on the way over (yay!) to bring some lunch and visit. While we were there we got to meet all 5 dogs that live in his house. Plus one additional dog!! The dogs included 2 chihuahuas, 1 wiener dog, 1 mixed dog, 1 great Dane, and the visiting dog was a beautiful white husky with a blue eye and a brown eye. It was definitely funny seeing all the different shapes and sizes of dogs!

After hanging out with my cousin my Aunt and I headed back to the house to grab the dogs. We headed out for a walk around my Aunt's church property, we probably covered a few miles and the dogs loved being off the leashes. The dogs also got to meet some new friends:

As we approached the cows they all curiously trotted up to the fence to check out the dogs and the dogs sniffed back in return, it was super cute!! well until, one of the dogs barked and scared the cows!

After a good long sweaty walk (high was 77 today, crazy awesome November weather) we headed back to the house where I decided to do a quick Turbofire video and Aunt Carin watched. She reads about this DVD workout in my blog but didn't know what it was, so of course, I made a total fool of myself showing her!

Finally...Michael arrived! He flew in this afternoon on a buddy pass!! Once he was here we all headed to dinner at the ORIGINAL Shane's Barbecue, which is just down the street from my families' house. It was delicious !! Plus we got to try/retry fried okra and Brunswick stew. (Aunt Carin and I shared all this food)

After dinner we digested a little. Then my uncle Lewie asked if I'd be interested in getting ice cream. I was like, UM when am I not?!?!? So we loaded up the dogs AGAIN and headed out to their local Brusters (this is where my family discovered brusters). The humans enjoyed their ice cream and so did the pooches. You can see the excitement on their faces as ice cream approached!!

Aunt Carin also enjoyed her doggy sized treat while the other humans had giant sized portions.

And now we are back to the house and the dog are passed out on the floor in exhaustion, what a great fun filled day!

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