Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Girls night

After a long day of work and a scary, rainy, dark drive home it was girls night! Or husband-less  night to be exact. Kara and I are without husband tonight so our friend Nicole asked if we would want to do dinner. um....I barely talk all day at work and then coming home and talking to my dogs all that really a question!? Heck yes, I was in.

So as soon as I got home I packed up some brownie mix, Jose Cuervo Margarita (Lime and Mango) , packed up the dogs and headed over to Kara's! It was a fun and super relaxing night and it was basically like being at home because I had my dogs, who played with Kara's dog Lucy. And I also had my sweatpants and hoodie on! SuPER PLUS!

We ate some pizza, drank a drink, and ate some chocolate iced brownies with ice cream and just chatted for a long while! What a fun night! We were planning on watching the UK game which was supposed to start at 9 but didn't end up starting until 10. Oh well, now my sleepy self wants to go to bed, although I wish I could watch the game, boooo no ESPN at our house. OH WELL!

Goodnight friends!! Happy rainy Tuesday.

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