Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a pretty busy weekend, although I spent a good portion of it Beyonce style (as a single lady, duh!) since Michael worked both days...sadness.

Here's my recap of the weekend though!!

Saturday morning I woke up and jumped right out of bed, ready to go. Well kinda like that, the dogs woke me up. Then I headed to KY fit club, which was intense, as usual.

After fit club I hit up "Another Man's Treasure", a furniture store in town that sells new, damaged, or used furniture. I was trying to find a replacement coffee table or tv stand for our house, since we are in need of one and our living room is super spacious currently because there is a void where our coffee table used to be. But no luck shopping there, nothing was the dark cherry color I needed, and for some reason the stock they had on Saturday was just blah.

So I thought I'd be productive and call Petsmart to get the dogs bathed and nails trimmed. Fail, all booked. OK, I will accomplish something. Since Snow White was for some reason covered in bird droppings I thought it was appropriate for her to get a good bath. She received the star treatment with exterior wash, vacuum, window wash, and the fresh linen scent inside. Ain't she a beaut?

Since the dog cleaning appointment did not work I found it necessary to bathe the dogs on my own. Because Willis gets STANKY after a while, and he was at that point. I think he has some gland issues that get stinky or something, who knows?! So for the first time, I attempted to wash them inside. (Michael has done this before but I never have). IT was definitely interesting and very wet and furry. But now my dogs don't stink to high heaven!

Afterwards I got myself together, cleaned up the house and got excited about girl time!

Bible study girls came over for girl time. We all went to Michaels craft store and bought ribbon for our creation that involved 3 items: Paper plates, ribbon, and double sided tape. I was one of the few to finish theirs but we made these!!:

They are trees made of paper plates. I am especially proud of them. In order to get the full girl time experience I decided to move the kitchen table in front of the tv so we could craft, snack, and watch. We all decided on the Doris Day Movie, "Pillow Talk". I've never seen any of her movies but I loved it.

I will definitely have to watch some more! Maybe next time not consuming 40000000 calories of food though (the girls all brought yummy snacks: Puppy chow, pumpkin bars, popcorn, chips, cookies, and reese cups!)

After the girls headed out I anxiously awaited the return of my hubby. I even made dinner!!! Turkey meatloaf, potatoes, and broccoli oh and a pumpkin beer!! I was so excited to just chill with my guy. We caught up on one episode of Modern family after dinner and then decided on a movie.

We watched "The Birdcage", Michael had seen it but I never had! I remember my mom renting it or something when I was younger but I wasn't allowed to watch it.

I guess I understand why now, it came out in 1996 so I was probably 8ish,  haha. This guy is the most hiliarious though!

Saturday was a great day.

Now on to Sunday!

I woke up super early again, around 7. Michael was at work. So of course a lazy sunday calls for laziness right?

I watched 3 episodes of Brothers and Sisters (by the way, Calista Flockhart is in the birdcage and brothers and sisters):
before 10 am. I had to get something else accomplished.

I forced myself to do the turbofire yoga (stretch), and core.

Then I found myself watching ANTM Allstars.. blah...lard. It was time to walk the dogs.

It was an amazing day outside. Well beside the raging winds, which Carson was terrified of. Ok, he wasn't terrified of the wind, he was terrified of all the leaves flying at him. But we got a good 2 1/2 mile walk in!

Oh and speaking of wind. This poor flag is having the hardest time staying attached to our house...down again!

Next, Adrielle time. We (meaning just Adrielle, I was able to hold myself back) tried a new froyo place called Menchies. It was yummy. Well the 2 samples I had were yummy. Adrielle said it was good. She had the chocolate covered banana yogurt with thin mints, brownies, and banana slices on top!
Menchies has cool spoons too (like Orangeleaf, but not)

After Adrielle time, grocery time. I won't bore you with those details.

Then B-stud time (which I am excited about our challenge for this week!) , which sadly Michael has missed. I hope to see him sometime shortly, wait he's walking in the door as I type this!

And that's my weekend recap. I hope you enjoyed and it wasn't too long!

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  1. haha i remember seeing my parents watch "the birdcage" i never understood it though. Now i look back and get it haha