Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Welcome to another wonderful workout Wednesday. And shoo am I tired from my workout today!! so here's a recap of my workouts for the past week, then I think it'll be time to hit the hay!

Thursday: Ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill in Bowling Green, got up before work too, go me! It was a very sweaty workout. I also did some push ups, a little arms, and some crunches after my run. NOTE TO SELF -- when packing up to return home from work trip ALWAYS remember to unpack gross workout clothes from laundry bag. Lets just say I was not pleasantly greeted by my clothes when I remembered them a few days later! :(

Friday: Spent the day and evening at Keeneland and wasted my workout time, I really wanted to go to Aly's R.I.P.P.E.D class, hopefully that'll happen this week!

Saturday: Today was a double workout day for me. I hit up Kentucky Fit Club and we Power 90 Cardio X, which got me sweatin' early in the morning and helped relieved the headache I had since I woke up, well for a little while. Then I headed home and did some Turbofire 30 and 10 minute stretch. I haven't done 2 workouts in a while but I'm glad I did seeing that I didn't feel well the rest of the day and into Sunday.

Sunday: Recovering from feeling ill. No excercise.

Monday: I had some Halloween/Trick-or-Treat business with Adrielle to attend to, so I missed out on my workout window. I am A-OK with that!

Tuesday: This day is the day I got jealous of all the runners and ran 3.2 miles when I got home from work and it was perfect!

Wednesday: becca called me up yesterday and asked if I wanted to go on a run with her today. I was like, heck yes!! Running with Becca is 5 million times more enjoyable than running alone and she keeps me going. The only thing I asked was that we didn't run one of  my usual loops. So we set out and just ran, talked, and ran. We made it to campus and down euclid and back, without any idea of how far we went. Now keep in mind the most I've run in a while is 4. Well I mapped it and it was 6.28 miles! There was immediate high five action after we discovered that. And you know what? I felt purty awesome the whole time!

No Junk food November Update -- I have successfully avoided the delish chick-fil-a brownies that have been sitting in the kitchen at work this week. Also, no candies/cookies/dessert for me after lunch for these past 2 days. It's hard cause I get a good hankerin' for some sweets after a lunch of salad, I should probably just find something more filling to add to my salad or eat in addition. 

Any suggestions for beating the sugar cravings?!

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