Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Funday

Today was a pretty low key Sunday for moi!

Michael had to be in at work this morning so I was on my own for church. So I hit up our good friend Andy and asked him to go to church with me! We went to the 10:10 service at Southland which I've never been to before. Definitely a closer atmosphere since it's in a smaller room, it was neat, they had the live worship music but the message was videoed in from down the hall in the big worship center. The screen was set up on the stage to make it look like Jon Weece was standing right there, it was like a hologram almost, but really not!

After church I chilled for a bit and was very surprised to hear that Michael was getting off of work earlier! YIPPEE! It was good news since Michael and I have super intense schedules this week so I got to spend a little bit of time with him. We took the pups for  a walk, the weather was PERFECTION today.

Here is Michael's picture taking skills while walking... please look at it with your eyes crossed and maybe you won't see 4 dogs and 2 Ashleys.  And no I am not a pirate.
 Here are my awesome picture taking skills...

I'm glad the doggies got a little outside action this week, since they've been cooped up in their cages so much due to our work schedules.

My day continued with the typical cleaning and Michael going to play disc golf with Jon. Then tonight at bible study we went as a group to Walmart to do our Operation Christmas child boxes for church. As a group we made 3 girl boxes and 3 boy boxes. The ladies split from the men to go find girly items while the guys searched for fun little boy toys! It's definitely a fun little event and even like a puzzle since we try to spend as much as we can on a budget.

And look what I found while shopping!!
Turkey hat, how cool am I?!

Well that's it for my Sunday, now I get to look forward to the work week, BOOOO! I hope you all had a very enjoyable and relaxing weekend!

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