Thursday, November 10, 2011

2 ships

So I'm not one for putting poems in my blog posts, like ever, well unless they are silly ones that I've made up and well I didn't make this one up. I was "googling" a picture of 2 ships passing in the night and this poem came up, I didn't take all of it just the first line because I thought it was semi-applicable...

As two ships passing in the night,
So quietly neath the stars soft light;
Our paths cross but now and then.
Reaching out, seeking one another again.

Why this? Sometimes I feel this is how Michael and I are. I got home from being in WV all week this evening at 8. Sadly Michael had already departed Lexington at about 5 pm, he's interviewing at Louisville tomorrow. But luckily I will see him tomorrow night, although he is working both weekend days...booo that. Well atleast I have some furry friends to keep me company! 

p.s. laziness has sunk in, I did not workout again...that's 3 days of no workouts. GOODNESS GRACIOUS, someone needs to get me a workout partner pronto. EARLY ALARM for workout set. check.  In bed semi-early. check. Get my sweat on in the morning? ehhh I hope so!


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  1. The author of one of the blogs I read sleeps in her workout clothes when she knows she's going to have to get up early to work out. You could try that!