Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nothing like family time

Today was another great day in Georgia!! I l-o-v-e spending time down here and getting to see my family!

Michael, Aunt Carin, and I started our day off pretty lazily watching some sleezy tv for a while. At around 11 Michael and I got motivated and decided we should go for a run. But we went separatly due to our different levels of fitness, etc. I took Mr. Carson with me. We ran almost 3, but it was a definite struggle. My body is already used to running in cooler weather and the 75 degree weather was intense, though I cannot complain!

After lunch it was time to head over to the grandparents house!!

They live about 45 minutes from my Aunt's house. This was Michael's first time ever visiting their house, and I'm really glad he did. He finally got to see everything I was talking about from their house.

Also my Grandparents got to meet our dogs!! Willis and Carson LOVED grandma!! (attractive of me, right?)

When we arrived, with dogs in tow, we headed out on my grandpa's walking trail through the woods. I'm sure I mentioned this trail in a post in the past from the last time I was here but for those of you that didn't read that post the trail is a pretty good length trail my grandpa created years ago. The trail is lined with logs, little bridges, a creek, signs, and little fake birds and there used to be a swing set at the end. It was always so much fun for all us cousins to play on. And Michael finally got to see it and walk it!

After the walk we all chatted outside on the deck, because the weather here 2 days before Thanksgiving was AMAZING. The dogs just sniffed around happy to be outside.

Then it was dinner time! Aunt Carin made lasagna, mmmm!! It was delicious! My cousin Cory and Uncle Lewie also joined us for dinner!
It was fun to have 7 of us smooshed around the table eating, talking, and laughing together.

After dinner we moved into the living room and chatted for a bit and I read little excerpts from a book made by my Aunt Carin for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary in 2006. It was funny reading the letters we wrote to our grandparents then. I read mine, Dustin's, and my 2 boy cousins letters. It was good and everyone laughed and remembered great memories.

With that we moved upstairs to Grandpa's room. They always called it the bonus room but today my Grandma said something about how Grandpa has always had his own room, but now-a-days it is popular for a man to have his own "man cave" but my Grandpa has had his for ages!!

We found some old pictures

um how in the world did I finish my popsicle 15x faster than Cory and Dustin? Is this a sign to come of my ice cream addiction? And yes, I looked like a little boy, my hair didn't grow until I was like 4.

Cory and I redisocovered the toy closet with the tinker toys and lincoln logs.
 We even remembered the sound and smell of that closet from when we were younger. Oh how nostalgic! Michael also got to see the tons of airplane models that my Grandpa has made, they are super impressive!

Michael also got to see my Grandpa's license plate collection in the garage, there are more to the right

 And my grandpa's 55' Oldsmobile in the garage as welL!

And guess what?!?!? Michael got his turn to drive the Olds. Michael, Grandpa, Cory, and I loaded up in the Olds and drove around town a little. We have all had our turn driving the Olds and now Michael can say he has too! It was slightly terrifying driving such an old car because you don't want to do anything bad to this beautiful car!
And now that it is monsooning we are back at my Aunt's house. We had a great visit with my grandparents! I soooo wish we could see them more often cause they are the liveliest, peppy people I know, so full of life and energy!!

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