Thursday, November 3, 2011

Surprise Family Day!

So until last night I did not realize that my parents would be in town today because they were helping my step grandparents with some medical stuff. Everythings fine with them, don't worry! But because of that I got to have lunch AND dinner with them today and that was a very nice surprise!

For lunch we went to Cheapside, where I got some got ol' barbeque yum! It was nice to escape from the office for a bit, even though it was pouring outside.

After work I unsuccessfully tried to workout, lasted like 20-25 minutes and I felt terrible(mixture of weird feeling and super sore legs from long run yesterday). So I headed over to my step grandparents house for din din. We had potato soup, bread, and cupcakes! And the parents picked up a couple pumpkin cupcakes, how did they know?!?

A perfect rainy day feast! Oh and we also had some wine. For some reason though it has not settled with me right, sad day. I hate when my body decides it doesn't want to act like a 14 year old anymore and allow me to eat whatever I want whenever I want. BOO for aging digestive systems...weird.

Also, um, rain rain go away I almost died in my car today!? But really, it is pretty terrifying driving my car in the rain, I would not suggest it. I think in another life my car was a penguin that liked to just slide across everything on its belly

I almost didn't make my turn on the way home because apparently my car wanted to keep going straight. Silly car should pay attention to the one who is driving it!

Wellllll....Happy Thursday...who is ready for Friday?!?! Both of my hands are high up in the air!

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