Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

A holiday that allows you to consume mass amounts of candy without feeling guilty...well errr.... as guilty?!

Today I met up with Adrielle and her family to go trick-or-treating.  (we don't get any trick-or-treaters in our area, which is unfortunate cause I think it would be so fun/cute to see all the little ones dressed up, but hey I guess we saved money on candy?!) Adrielle was dressed up like batman/woman?! haha not sure! We walked around her neighborhood area and tried to find houses participating in the Halloween festivities. Surprisingly many houses were not! After a few streets, and a nice bag full of candy (yes, I conned some off of Adrielle, although I got mistaken for one of her 16 year old sister's friends, so I probably could have gone trick or treating!)  we headed down to the park behind Adrielle's house. Southland was putting on a trunk-or-treat for the kids in the area with games, bounce house, and TONs of candy. They just kept pulling it out, bags upon bags. They also gave the kids things like 24 packs of crayons, coloring books, school supplies, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, apples, and they even had a snow cone machine despite the frigid (to me) temps. The kids still consumed all of the ice though and dunked their faces in the chilly water to bob for apples! Impressive, although there was a good amount of teeth chattering going on.

By around 7:45 I was freezing and ready to go home. Luckily Adrielle and her family were too!! And there's my Halloween!

Oh and I just realized something ironic about my day. Got my teeth cleaned for the first time since I got married and then immediately consumed all this Halloween candy...sweet, that was a semi-waste!! Although, no cavities as of yet!

Hope your Halloween was fun, spooky, and sugar filled too!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Today was true to this blog post's title. Fun. It's probably because I actually got to hang out with the hubs today for the first time since last Sunday. Yes, he did sleep until 2 after getting off work this morning but that allowed me time to be lazy and get over my remaining icky-ness and run some errands. Oh and of course getting to hang out with Willis and Carson!

Um...went to Michael's (the store, that can get confusing!) today and purchased a frame for my diploma, it matches the other 3 we have and since I had a coupon it was only $3!! but then I purchased a 30 pound bag of dog food for $42, um....hello....expensive!!

Anywho, during my errands I hit up Critchfield's Meat Market to use my Groupon that was expiring tomorrow. I had never been there before AND I have never purchased meat, or as I would phrase it "fancy meat" before. I think all I EVER buy is ground beef/turkey and chicken. I'm a real exciting gal I know. But man, I was excited about this meat purchase! Is it weird to have meat excitement?! The Groupon was for $30 (bought it for $15) and it was just enough to get two 8 oz. filet mignon's and a little container of beer cheese. Well, I did have to pay 42 cents, but that was fine by me!! More about eating this delicious meat in a second.

Once home from my errands Michael was up. I gave him two options. A. take the dogs to the dog park since it was  gorgeous day or B. Go play putt putt since I had a groupon that was going to expire at the end of the year (or so I thought). Michael picked putt putt and we drove up, it was our lucky day!! Today was the putt putt course's last day of the season, so really I couldn't have used my groupon on 12/31/11, that's very deceiving of you Groupon!

We had a great time and since the groupon was for unlimited golf we played all 3 courses. And guess what? Michael only beat my buy a grand total of 10 strokes combining all 3 courses. Normally he beats me by 10 when we play one! I was so proud!

After putt putt it was time to make our yummy meal. Michael heated up our super cool (ahem ahem, ghetto) grill while I prepped some quick sides. We also whipped up a little dipping sauce of red wine, a pinch of brown sugar, and balsamic vinegar. Michael did a great job grilling up these yummy meat morsels!! I must say it was a dinner success!! We even opened up a bottle of wine that I helped bottle a couple months ago!

After dinner it was bible study time. Someone had mentioned dressing up for it (halloween) but when I texted everyone before they said they weren't going to. That was Michael's perfect opportunity to convince me to go against the crowd and dress up. So we did. And yes we were the only ones....we were the same 80's couple we dressed up as about 3 years ago.

3 years ago (October 17th, 2008 to be exact):
Super classy huh?! ( do I look like a baby or look the same?!)

Oh and look what I dug up, a picture of me and the bride, katie, that I wrote about yesterday. We wore very similar dresses to this party. It's funny because people always used to get us confused because we are both short and have curly hair...(and yes, that's a corn dog in my hand)

Overall a great day. Now time to prepare myself for another long work week!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Wedding #4

We have rounded third base and are headed home!! Today was my last October wedding (4 weddings in October!)  and there was another gorgeous bride!!
This is Katie and Brad and they got married today in the beautiful tiny town of Wilmore, about a 20 minute drive from Lexington. I know Katie from CSF (which is also where I met Michael). Katie is a tiny ( 4'll'' if I am correct), loving, and fun girl and I'm so glad I got to make it to their wedding. All of the bridesmaids and Katie had super cute hair accessories that I am SURE that they made because these girls are super crafty!! Loved them!

Unfortunately Michael had to sleep the day away since he was up all night working and had to head in for another night shift tonight. Boo to that. We literally missed seeing each other by like 10 minutes when I was returning from  the wedding. Luckily a TON of my CSF friends were there and Michael's sister (Andrea) and hubby (Matt) were there so I acted as everyone's child since basically everyone I know is paired off.

Katie and Brad's first dance was awesome. And the band, spectacular! 3 singers, trombone, trumpet, sax, drums, keyboard. I loved it!! (the band consisted of people from Southland, and we all know how talented all the worship leaders are up there!). Katie and brad were very lucky to get such a sunshiny nice fall day!! Another great thing about their wedding?!? The favors were little PUMPKINS!! I can't believe I've gone all of the fall season without buying any pumpkins?!? How lame is that?! SUPER LAME... i refuse to be beyond the stage of loving pumpkins, carving them, and playing in their goo. Maybe I will carve one with Adrielle this week?!

Anywhooooo...Headache numero cinco has taken me out for the evening, today though it has culminated into major jaw aches, a sore throat that feels like someone raked a fork down it, and a leaky facet nose. So I bet you all know how fun my Saturday night home alone was. Oh well, every day can't be the best day ever!!!

Hope you had a great Saturday night!


Tonight I am suffering from my 4th headache this week. And I do not like that. Especially on a Friday. I was going to just say that and sign off but I guess I can go ahead and talk about my day.

So you know I have climbed a snow covered mountain...

and Been skiing more times than I can count...

But something about standing in a parking lot in the middle of Kentucky in dress clothes just really wasn't my cup of tea today. My work had a tailgate/Keeneland event today and man was it COLD outside. We all spent the first 2 hours standing outside freezing our tails off and basically complaining to each other about how cold we were.... sounds like fun right? We were definitely the ONLY ones tailgating too!!

But the party turned itself right around when we actually went inside at the track. The warmth turned my mood right around. Oh and maybe a hot chocolate with amaretto too!! I ended up spending my evening socializing and having a good time. And I made one $2 bet. Of course, my horse lost. But I wanted to see if my horse racing luck had turned around. FYI, it didn't!!

After a long day at Keeneland a couple of us (including Aaron L, awesome coworker, here's my shout out yo!) headed to Harry's for some grub. Got some of my fav crab Rangoon sushi rolls and chilled for a bit. By this time it was around 9 and I was ready to go home and put on my PJs and chill.

Well as soon as I walked in the door Michael said I could come up and visit him, which is rare cause his schedule is weird. I watched him eat dinner, weird, no, then we watched the baseball game. Michael is a pretty big Cardinals fan so he was very satisfied with the results of this evenings game.

But now, migraine has set in. Bright lights hurt. Bed is calling my name.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Avett Brothers

Tonight Becca, Andrea, and myself saw these guys in concert...
The Avett Brothers Sound Check Music Blog


(our view from our seats)

These two brothers can be described as folk rock. Guitar, Banjo, Bass, and Cello (and sometimes drumset seen in background) And we had a great time, how can you not LOVE this music. PLUS...they sound even better live. I'm serious! Becca was telling me that for a normal concert, lets say like Taylor Swift who is coming to Lexington soon needs about 20 different sound boards, 20 buses, and a ton of other things. These guys only had 1 tour bus and one sound board since they produce ALL of their music and harmonies on their own. True talent. Non of that produced, computer fandangled stuff!!

I was amazed at all the skills they had such as singing, while playing guitar, while playing a bass drum with  their foot all at the same time. I can barely run down the sidewalk without falling. 

I hadn''t heard a ton of Avett Brothers songs before I went to the concert but I had come across a few of them and enjoyed it and since Miss Becca hooked me up with a free ticket I was more than pumped to go. Becca got 2 free tickets if she would write up a blog about the event, so I will be posting a link to that once she's done with it. Isn't she a lucky girl for working for a place that gives her free tickets to go listen to an awesome concert?!!?

But to sum it up. A wonderful night, the only thing that could make it more wonderful was if I got to see my husband who I haven't seen since Monday morning (yes I was out of town for his bday) and have barely been able to talk to all week because we have had opposing work schedules... me 8-5:30 or 6, Michael 6pm to 7 am. Can't wait to actually see him hopefully tomorrow!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Workout Wednesday!

Hello friends and welcome to another Workout Wednesday...yes ...yes... second post today but I HAD to post about Michael's bday and I HAVE to post about my workout Wednesday. I mean accountability is the key...right?!?

Thursday: rest day of course. It seems to happen that when I get home from a week out of town that I just chill that night and I am totally fine with that!

Friday: Got to get to the JC for a class! I was going for R.I.P.P.E.D and Aly wasn't there this week so we did a cardio circuit class. It was a nice workout and my sides were definitely sore from some of the movements we did. I'll give the class a B, it got the job done.

Saturday: I got up after a super late night and headed to KY fit club where we did Rev Abs - Rev it Up (cardio type class, where the moves are cardio but they involve the engagement of the abs the whole time). It is a pretty repetitive class but it gets the heart beatin' and the sweat flowin'. I also went to the Gorge today and hiked for about 2 hours i would guess. Not sure how far but I was movin'!

Sunday: I ran 4 miles on the Legacy Trail with the hubs!! We rarely run together because sometimes Michael makes me push my pace a little faster then I can handle but I just liked spending time with him and he hasn't ran in a while so we were comfortable running together. Neither of us had run on the Trail before and we definitely picked a very hilly section but we made it!! I definitely want to trek out to the trail to run again because it felt like our run was shorter in time than my normal 4 mile runs.

Monday: Rest Day. I planned on starting Turbofire this day but with driving to BG at 7:30 am, working ,and then going over to our senior manager's house for dinner and staying late, it just didn't happen. It's ok though, rest is fine!

Tuesday: Got up early in the hotel to start Turbofire. Alas, the computer was refusing to play the disc. I spent 30 minutes trying to get it to work and ended up wasting my workout time. Now this isn't an excuse because I forced myself to workout after work. I downloaded some software that would play the video and I did the first 30 minute turbofire in the package. It was pretty great and wore me out, i can't wait until I have all the moves down and then I'll be able to get an even better workout!

Wednesday: Today I worked out twice!! what what??!! I did I did!! This morning I got up to run on the treadmill but the first treadmill I tried wasn't working properly. The other 2 treadmills were taken so I jumped on an elliptical which started clunking when I began. So once again I hopped off and tried the very last elliptical and machine in the gym and it worked! Thank goodness, I was beginning to believe that working out this week just wasn't in the cards. So I ended up doing 30 minutes and rushing upstairs to get ready for work. After work I did the 15 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Video and 10 minute stretch in the schedule for turbofire. The HITT class was pretty intense but since I don't know all the moves quite yet I didn't get the full calorie burn that I think I would get if I knew the moves but it was good!!

Well that's it for workout Wednesday! Hope your workouts are wonderful! HAPPY WEDNESDAY THE WEEKEND IS GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER INTO OUR GRASPS!

Happy Birthday Meeeechael!


 (Golden) Birthday to the man I love the mostest...

The man who is silly a lot of the time...

 A man who always looks up to the left in his silly pictures...
A man who was an adorable child that dressed like an adult

 A very classy man...

 A man that can fix things...
 A man that can appreciate silly faces in pictures...
A man who likes to golf...

 A man who is like his father in some ways...
 And not like his father in some ways... being the biggest metallica fan I know
 A man who has completed 2 marathons...
 A man who can act like a kid...
 A man who can grow an intense fro...
A man who is the biggest UK fan I know...

A man who, after this first date and many months in between, ended up marrying this crazy girl...

And a man that is so much more than I can describe through pictures alone! Happy Birthday Mr. Michael! I love you! (sorry for some of the blurry pics, internet is no bueno here so I did my best!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Not to many exciting things to report so I thought I would just type out some of the things I love currently!!

Some things that I LOVE!

-Junior sizes at fast food restaurants  --- the same terrible for you food but with a tad less guilt

- Baby bellies --- I love them, so cute

- Hot tubs --- its like the womb --- all nice and waarrrrmmm, I wish I was in one right now!

- Watching weight loss shows -- currently watching The Biggest Loser ---will get motivation to work out

- Flat comfortable shoes -- because I NEVER get to wear them during the work week

- Cornbread -- the perfect bread for fall -- I have been craving cornbread for about 3 weeks now and haven't had any.

- Um how could I forget this??...MY HUSBAND who is celebrating his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY tomorrow (turning 26 on the 26th) and sadly I am out of town in Bowling Green :(

- Warm cookies awaiting you at the front desk when you arrive at a hotel -- yesterday they had warm and gooey chocolate cookies with pink M&Ms! It held me and my coworkers over until dinner!

- Breathing fresh air and being out in the perfect weather -- it makes me sad that I am forced to be inside all day when the weather is PERFECT out. It makes me sad that this nice weather will be going away soon.

- OH have  I told you I LOVE all things pumpkin...ok I may have beat that one to death.

Well there's  my short list of thigs I love and could think of at this very moment! good night friends!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Life update

So I wanted to do a quick life update post. Mainly because I wanted to get your opinion on areas. Michael is entering the residency interview phase of his fourth year of Med school.  Which means travelling around and interviewing your brains out to get a surgery position at the best institution possible. Well so far Michael has about 10-11 interviews and I was curious as to what you thought about these different areas because I don't have experience visiting let alone living in these areas.

For those of you who don't know much about this whole process ill give you a quick summary of what  Michael is doing .

On September 1st Michael applied to about 40-50 general surgery programs across the us. Back in the day you didn't apply to so many places but now you do. And each application has a fee of course.

Then you wait for things like your board scores to come in and letters from doctors you've worked with and then the interviews start coming in.  And the scheduling frenzy begins.

After interviewing Michael will rank the places he is interested in. Then the institution will rank who they like. Based off of these two rankings your "match" is decided for you. Every medical student in America will find out on March 15th where they are going for residency which begins the first week in July. This year it is June 26th of course, our anniversary .

Anywho... Michael got interviews at the following places let me know what you think:

- Lexington
- Cincinnati
- Dayton
- Columbus
- St Louis
- Hershey, PA
- Knoxville
- Chattanooga
- Jackson, Mississippi

This is all for now but more may come in the future. I wish I could go with Michael to these interviews (spouses are typically invited) but my work schedule does not allow that.

So what do you think?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend recap

Boy oh boy do I have a lot to talk about today!!

First I had to show you all this awesome picture I found in my phone from my week in middle of no where's-ville this week:

Um...awesome truck right? I mean the welding job was purty great!

Now onto my Friday quick review. After a nice day at work I was finally able to go to the JC to get a class workout in! YA! No ghetto workout gym! Well I went to do R.I.P.P.E.D and Aly was out of town again :( but I did do a pretty nice cardio/strength circuit workout thing instead.

After the gym I headed start to the Florence Crittenton home, which I have been terrible about making it to lately. So glad I went, I love catching up with the girls. We ate puppy chow and watched this Johnny Depp movie/musical from 1990 called "Cry Baby".

 Has anyone ever heard of this movie? I definitely hadn't, it was a little strange but I guess enjoyable?!

AFter Flo Critt it was time to meet up with my long lost Manderpuss!! (otherwise known as Amanda!). She got this name from this commercial:
And Manderpuss has stuck!! AWKARD commercial!

It was great to catch up with Manders since she made her big move to Chi-town to make her way up the fashion ladder at Macys!! Amanda also brought along her awesome bf Stu!! We had a LOT of fun and I am so glad I mustered up the energy, after laying in my bed for 30 minutes after showering, to go hang out with her! Great times!

totally unsuspecting of the picture crashers behind us (we knew them thoug, atleast)

After my VERY late night on Friday I woke up at 8 and headed to KY Fit Club. I felt tired and icky but so glad I went because the exercise turned everything around and I felt great afterward! PLUS I got my free Turbofire video! yay!! Now I can do workouts in my hotel rooms while out of town!!

After working out I headed home to grab Meeeechael and the doggies and our friends Kara and Jonathan. And we were where?! THE GORGE!!! Saturday was the perfect day for the Gorge, beautiful weather and all and this was Jon and Kara's first time to the gorge!! We had a blast together with the 4 of us and our 3 dogs!
excited on the ride there!

my cute driver!

and the boys are off!

yeah that's right throwing up the awesome peace sign in the background

bravely walking across the scary suspension bridge

not so bravely realizing it swings a lot

Jonathan had to carry their dog Lucy across cause she was scared to death!

Carson was very scared too, although it doesn't appear so in this picture. I was also cracking up the WHOLE time

very excited about our wilderness adventure

Me and kara!!

climbing down slippery hills

playing in the water and lovin life


Jonathan talking on his phone shaped rock

love the enthusiasm!

the gang!

football time!
 After the Gorge I passed out on the couch and sleeeeepppptttt...but then it was time to celebrate Michael's birthday (which is on Wednesday). We went to Alfalfas, a local restaurant, and had a yummy dinner:
birthday boy!

I got the pumpkin pasta with pesto, chicken, blue cheese, walnuts, and tomatoes....sooooo good!

Michael got the meatloaf and pumpkin corn bread, which did not taste like pumpkin at all unfortunately :(

and of course I had pumpkin pie for dessert with homemade whipped cream..yum!
 This brings us to Sunday:

Michael and I got up and ran 4 miles on the Legacy Trail! Go us for running together!! We were on a very hilly portion of the trail so I was impressed with ourselves!!

Then we hit up church and then our normal lunch at the Kastens. We then headed with MIchael's parents and Adrielle to see the Bodies exhibit downtown. Michael and I saw it in 2008 in Cincy but thought everyone else would enjoy seeing it. Adrielle learned a lot and I was impressed by how much she already knew too!! I have a smart Mentee!!

Lastly this evening we hosted b-stud. Or what was supposed to be b-stud. Only 2 couples showed up, the Larson and Hestads so we just ate the food and chatted for a couple hours. It was super relaxing. And guess what? i made something else pumpkin! It's pumpkin dip and it is YUMMMMMMY!

served with apple slices and nilla wafers
Everyone else said they enjoyed it too!! How many times can I have a different form of pumpking this month?!!? I want to make a new record!!

Well at the risk of getting too long winded and staying up all night typing I'm gonna go now!! Later friends, hopefully I didn't bore you!