Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Not to many exciting things to report so I thought I would just type out some of the things I love currently!!

Some things that I LOVE!

-Junior sizes at fast food restaurants  --- the same terrible for you food but with a tad less guilt

- Baby bellies --- I love them, so cute

- Hot tubs --- its like the womb --- all nice and waarrrrmmm, I wish I was in one right now!

- Watching weight loss shows -- currently watching The Biggest Loser ---will get motivation to work out

- Flat comfortable shoes -- because I NEVER get to wear them during the work week

- Cornbread -- the perfect bread for fall -- I have been craving cornbread for about 3 weeks now and haven't had any.

- Um how could I forget this??...MY HUSBAND who is celebrating his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY tomorrow (turning 26 on the 26th) and sadly I am out of town in Bowling Green :(

- Warm cookies awaiting you at the front desk when you arrive at a hotel -- yesterday they had warm and gooey chocolate cookies with pink M&Ms! It held me and my coworkers over until dinner!

- Breathing fresh air and being out in the perfect weather -- it makes me sad that I am forced to be inside all day when the weather is PERFECT out. It makes me sad that this nice weather will be going away soon.

- OH have  I told you I LOVE all things pumpkin...ok I may have beat that one to death.

Well there's  my short list of thigs I love and could think of at this very moment! good night friends!

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