Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Hello yall!! It's another workout Wednesday!! My workouts were a little changed up this week but I tried to get them in whenever I get the chance!! Now I just need to work on eating better and less!

Thursday: Super intense cardio interval circuit workout...I worked and sweat so hard my sports bra sweated all over the towel!!....

Friday: No workout, work all day then straight to Louisville for rehearsal dinner.

Saturday: No workout, woke up late then wedding all day in Louisville.

Sunday: A 5.8 mile run outside at home! It was wonderful to be outdoors and just run on my own schedule and do whatever pace I wanted. I was definitely sore the next day, I'm guessing from running on actual hills for once! I hope to get another outdoor run in soon! (travelling is making this impossible)

Monday: 32 minutes on the treadmill in the tiny jail cell room of walking and then a fast run. I was super sweaty afterward!

Tuesday: As I mentioned yesterday my food consumption did not allow for a workout. And it did not make me feel good. So no workout.

Wednesday: So today I really honestly tried...I did workout but i don't know how satisfied I am with the final workout. Well I originally planned on working out in the morning, but sleep and a rainy morning kept me in the hotel bed. First I wanted to try and do the cardio circuit that I did last week and the week before. I started trying and my left arch was killing me. So I thought it best not to strain it. So I thought, Oh I'll hop on the elliptical. LOUDEST elliptical EVER...

(Just imagine a machine monster chasing after you, loud clunking noises)

after about 20 minutes on this monster I couldn't take it any longer and I could barely hear the tv let alone hear myself think. So I jumped over to the stationary bike...which I may say was also in a pretty wretched state. The seat didn't lock in so I was sliding all over the place but I still managed 15 minutes on the bike. Then I banged out some crunches. Remember how I was complaining about tiny workout rooms? well this one in Maysville was larger but definitely missing the equipment...they didn't even had a treadmill...booo...I give their workout room a F!

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