Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Workout Wednesday!

Hello friends and welcome to another Workout Wednesday...yes ...yes... second post today but I HAD to post about Michael's bday and I HAVE to post about my workout Wednesday. I mean accountability is the key...right?!?

Thursday: rest day of course. It seems to happen that when I get home from a week out of town that I just chill that night and I am totally fine with that!

Friday: Got to get to the JC for a class! I was going for R.I.P.P.E.D and Aly wasn't there this week so we did a cardio circuit class. It was a nice workout and my sides were definitely sore from some of the movements we did. I'll give the class a B, it got the job done.

Saturday: I got up after a super late night and headed to KY fit club where we did Rev Abs - Rev it Up (cardio type class, where the moves are cardio but they involve the engagement of the abs the whole time). It is a pretty repetitive class but it gets the heart beatin' and the sweat flowin'. I also went to the Gorge today and hiked for about 2 hours i would guess. Not sure how far but I was movin'!

Sunday: I ran 4 miles on the Legacy Trail with the hubs!! We rarely run together because sometimes Michael makes me push my pace a little faster then I can handle but I just liked spending time with him and he hasn't ran in a while so we were comfortable running together. Neither of us had run on the Trail before and we definitely picked a very hilly section but we made it!! I definitely want to trek out to the trail to run again because it felt like our run was shorter in time than my normal 4 mile runs.

Monday: Rest Day. I planned on starting Turbofire this day but with driving to BG at 7:30 am, working ,and then going over to our senior manager's house for dinner and staying late, it just didn't happen. It's ok though, rest is fine!

Tuesday: Got up early in the hotel to start Turbofire. Alas, the computer was refusing to play the disc. I spent 30 minutes trying to get it to work and ended up wasting my workout time. Now this isn't an excuse because I forced myself to workout after work. I downloaded some software that would play the video and I did the first 30 minute turbofire in the package. It was pretty great and wore me out, i can't wait until I have all the moves down and then I'll be able to get an even better workout!

Wednesday: Today I worked out twice!! what what??!! I did I did!! This morning I got up to run on the treadmill but the first treadmill I tried wasn't working properly. The other 2 treadmills were taken so I jumped on an elliptical which started clunking when I began. So once again I hopped off and tried the very last elliptical and machine in the gym and it worked! Thank goodness, I was beginning to believe that working out this week just wasn't in the cards. So I ended up doing 30 minutes and rushing upstairs to get ready for work. After work I did the 15 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Video and 10 minute stretch in the schedule for turbofire. The HITT class was pretty intense but since I don't know all the moves quite yet I didn't get the full calorie burn that I think I would get if I knew the moves but it was good!!

Well that's it for workout Wednesday! Hope your workouts are wonderful! HAPPY WEDNESDAY THE WEEKEND IS GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER INTO OUR GRASPS!

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