Monday, October 24, 2011

Life update

So I wanted to do a quick life update post. Mainly because I wanted to get your opinion on areas. Michael is entering the residency interview phase of his fourth year of Med school.  Which means travelling around and interviewing your brains out to get a surgery position at the best institution possible. Well so far Michael has about 10-11 interviews and I was curious as to what you thought about these different areas because I don't have experience visiting let alone living in these areas.

For those of you who don't know much about this whole process ill give you a quick summary of what  Michael is doing .

On September 1st Michael applied to about 40-50 general surgery programs across the us. Back in the day you didn't apply to so many places but now you do. And each application has a fee of course.

Then you wait for things like your board scores to come in and letters from doctors you've worked with and then the interviews start coming in.  And the scheduling frenzy begins.

After interviewing Michael will rank the places he is interested in. Then the institution will rank who they like. Based off of these two rankings your "match" is decided for you. Every medical student in America will find out on March 15th where they are going for residency which begins the first week in July. This year it is June 26th of course, our anniversary .

Anywho... Michael got interviews at the following places let me know what you think:

- Lexington
- Cincinnati
- Dayton
- Columbus
- St Louis
- Hershey, PA
- Knoxville
- Chattanooga
- Jackson, Mississippi

This is all for now but more may come in the future. I wish I could go with Michael to these interviews (spouses are typically invited) but my work schedule does not allow that.

So what do you think?


  1. Savannah is REALLY cool. Jon & I liked it a lot there, however, it gets SUPER hot and humid in the summer. I lived in Cincinnati for 3 months and liked it enough. There's always lots to do there. I vote for Lexington because then I get to see you two for a couple more years. :)

  2. Dayton is a truly wonderful place to live. It's a little on the smaller side bu has everythin you could ever want. There are some great hole in the wall restaurants. You are less than an hour away from both Cincinnati and Columbus. I'm a fan. Oh, and there's Apex church, which is fairly epic. Let me know if you have particular questions. Good luck to your husband :)

  3. Hershey is a great place. Good hospital!