Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Wedding #4

We have rounded third base and are headed home!! Today was my last October wedding (4 weddings in October!)  and there was another gorgeous bride!!
This is Katie and Brad and they got married today in the beautiful tiny town of Wilmore, about a 20 minute drive from Lexington. I know Katie from CSF (which is also where I met Michael). Katie is a tiny ( 4'll'' if I am correct), loving, and fun girl and I'm so glad I got to make it to their wedding. All of the bridesmaids and Katie had super cute hair accessories that I am SURE that they made because these girls are super crafty!! Loved them!

Unfortunately Michael had to sleep the day away since he was up all night working and had to head in for another night shift tonight. Boo to that. We literally missed seeing each other by like 10 minutes when I was returning from  the wedding. Luckily a TON of my CSF friends were there and Michael's sister (Andrea) and hubby (Matt) were there so I acted as everyone's child since basically everyone I know is paired off.

Katie and Brad's first dance was awesome. And the band, spectacular! 3 singers, trombone, trumpet, sax, drums, keyboard. I loved it!! (the band consisted of people from Southland, and we all know how talented all the worship leaders are up there!). Katie and brad were very lucky to get such a sunshiny nice fall day!! Another great thing about their wedding?!? The favors were little PUMPKINS!! I can't believe I've gone all of the fall season without buying any pumpkins?!? How lame is that?! SUPER LAME... i refuse to be beyond the stage of loving pumpkins, carving them, and playing in their goo. Maybe I will carve one with Adrielle this week?!

Anywhooooo...Headache numero cinco has taken me out for the evening, today though it has culminated into major jaw aches, a sore throat that feels like someone raked a fork down it, and a leaky facet nose. So I bet you all know how fun my Saturday night home alone was. Oh well, every day can't be the best day ever!!!

Hope you had a great Saturday night!

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