Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Thursday Thoughts

So here' s some of what i randomly think about during the day, the little things that get me excited, or even stuff that's going on right now.

1. Lunch breaks in columbus are totally different than the ones i had in Lexington. I rarely bought lunch at work in Lexington, I am always in money saving mode so lunches there were spent at my desk checking all my social media, maybe writing a blog while everyone else enjoyed their more delicious meals. Well in Columbus a majority of people pack their lunches AND we eat together in a conference room. Grand idea. I love it. At least I get to step away from my desk for a bit!

2. I get rather excited about small this bowl I found at walmart for like $1 something. perfect container for veggies and dip....well until said container tips upside down and the veggies and dips intermingle whilst the dip tries to drowned the veggies.

3.I have been knocking out my reading a book a month challenge in the past month. I read like 2 1/2 books in June and 1 in July, and am on my way to many more. What does a girl do when her husband is working constantly?! read outside on the hammock and get eaten by mosquitoes while her totally cute puppies gallivant around the yard!

4. Exercise has been my thing in the past week...quick flash back to that whole workout wednesday thing?:
Tuesday: 5 miles on treadmill in theater room at gym
Wednesday: Clean and cook  like a wild banshee for 4th of july party - sweat like crazy
Thursday: Elliptical 30 minutes, Bike 10 minutes, body rock workout 12 minutes
Friday: Pure Barre class with awesome groupon
Saturday: 11.5 mile bike ride in 93!
Sunday: rest...lazy and loney..not a good combo to get you motivated to workout
Monday: Swim - not sure how many laps, swimming makes me feel so out of shape, its a nice challenge for me
Tuesday: WAXED my car...geez...this takes arm power!
Wednesday: Early morning run around the neighborhood, just winged it and avoided death hill. Just mapped it and apparently only ran under 3 miles (WOAH when did mapmyrun change so much?!)

5. I think this is the first time in my life that I am excited about garbage day tomorrow. We have had the same garbage sitting in our can for about 3 weeks. UM gross. and it has been so hot. therefore it is SO stinky. SO I want to get it away from our house ASAP. please someone text me and remind me to take it out tonight, it NEEDS to happen, we cannot forget, I think something has died in that nasty thing!

6. I listed my car on craigslist last night. And then I cried and then Michael thought I was weird. Emotional attachment to inanimate objects much?! I have had my lovely snow white since i was 16. I felt bad for her. I am an irrational crier, but don't hate! Anyone who would like to extend the life of my awesome 1998 white 2 door civic ex please let me know. I'd love for her to go to a good home.

7. Along with listing a car comes purchasing a car. Purchasing a car is terrifying. I just need to have something with 4 doors. plus I travel a ton so it needs great fuel efficiency. I have flipped and flopped about a million times on what i want. what i like. nothing will stand up to snow white! i love her so. We may finally have a winner though. It makes me wanna throw up, out of nervousness of purchasing a car, having a car payment, AHH i need to stop talking about it, i WILL have a heart attack!

8. My husbands work is making my husband a very tired man. I do not blame him, i understand the work and all. but geez. he's tired for the whole hour he's home. HOWEVER last night since i had dinner ready pronto we were able to chill out on the hammock, he made it out there before me, he had some studying to do so I snapped a photo through the blinds. I'm glad he got to see the sun a bit yesterday!

9. speaking of the hubs, I am so excited for the weekend! Michael gets Saturday and Sunday off! woot woot! i already have it planned, eek, he probably hates this idea. But I have been slightly bored and lonely and craving I sound like a dog?! I hope to go kayaking saturday (weather permitting, since you know my luck), maybe a movie or chill at the house after, then dinner with a giftcard we got from michael's parents for our anniverary. Then sunday church and hanging out at the pool allllll day (weather permitting again), pool days are easy on the body, i dont think it's that rough :)

10. Next week starts back a lot of my out of the office work. Luckily next week is not overnights but at least I will be busy during the week which normally means faster workdays!

11. I am obsessed with summer fruits, so vibrant and colorful!

12. There's nothing like spending your lunch break talking to yourself on your blog!

13. I am still so happy about free slurpees at 7/11 happening yesterday. And so glad Mrs. Catherine could join me. I enjoy free things, who doesn't? (pina colada on the top, wild cherry on the bottom)

14.  For some reason my phone has decided to selectively send pictures from my phone to my email. This is lame, since i want to add pictures to this blog and it is just doing its own thing. urgh. silly technology!

15. Breakfast for dinner is always a sure fire win for me. Blueberry pancakes with blueberries leftover from the 4th and turkey bacon, yum!
But really, I have been cooking a whole lot more this past week than I had in the past few months. Some of the stuff I've made? Well theres all the cookout food I made, turkey meatloaf, baked ziti (one of our new favs), grilled cheese and tomato soup (ok that's easy), and on the menu for tonight...chicken breasts marinated in this delicious sesame teriyaki sauce we got from trader joes!

16. Dogs sitting in gardening boxes are my favorite. Paparazzi from a far (ok now i'm just going through my phone photos, can you tell?) (Plus I HAD to have a dog pic!)

17. I am currently reading A.J. Jacobs, the Guinea Pig Diaries (he is hilarious by the way, read his book about living biblically for a year!) and one of his essays talks about how we have become such large multi-taskers and he tries to eliminate it from his life for some time.  I tried that today. This morning it worked semi-well. Afternoon comes and its all shot. Being a uni-tasker is hard!

Well that's it for now! Lunch break is over and I got to get back to work!

P.S. I think my blogging comes in pairs, its like once I post once I realize how much I enjoy it basically as my personal diary and memories tracker. Will this posting extend beyond 2 this week? we shall see!

Just a quick thought...

Last night this awesome girl randomly called me out of the blue.
(picture from her 5th grade graduation in May)

She was calling to wish me a belated happy anniversary since her cell phone was dead on our actual anniversary so it couldn't remind her.

This meant a lot to me. First of all I rarely get phone calls from ANYONE, the only person great about calling me is my Dad, I've been told that I am the type of person that will keep people in touch, the "party planner" and "family reunion organizer".  Adrielle isn't always a super chatty girl and didn't normally call me when we lived in Kentucky. BUT last night we talked for over 12 minutes on the phone it was wonderful.

She told me all about the billions of camps she's been to this summer, all the sports she's been doing (this is amazing to me) and all the fun she has been having this summer. I am so glad that she is keeping busy! She also mentioned that she misses me, and I could tell, she was the chattiest I have ever heard her. I loved every second of it. I feel so bad that I can't be there for her as a mentor any longer but I hope that we are able to keep up our phone relationship and hopefully the next time I'm in Lexington I'll be able to see her sweet face!

Miss you Adrielle! I hope your summer continues to be awesome and fun-filled! Love yoU!

***just a quick note before I head into work***