Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just a quick thought...

Last night this awesome girl randomly called me out of the blue.
(picture from her 5th grade graduation in May)

She was calling to wish me a belated happy anniversary since her cell phone was dead on our actual anniversary so it couldn't remind her.

This meant a lot to me. First of all I rarely get phone calls from ANYONE, the only person great about calling me is my Dad, I've been told that I am the type of person that will keep people in touch, the "party planner" and "family reunion organizer".  Adrielle isn't always a super chatty girl and didn't normally call me when we lived in Kentucky. BUT last night we talked for over 12 minutes on the phone it was wonderful.

She told me all about the billions of camps she's been to this summer, all the sports she's been doing (this is amazing to me) and all the fun she has been having this summer. I am so glad that she is keeping busy! She also mentioned that she misses me, and I could tell, she was the chattiest I have ever heard her. I loved every second of it. I feel so bad that I can't be there for her as a mentor any longer but I hope that we are able to keep up our phone relationship and hopefully the next time I'm in Lexington I'll be able to see her sweet face!

Miss you Adrielle! I hope your summer continues to be awesome and fun-filled! Love yoU!

***just a quick note before I head into work***

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