Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Saturday - day in a Sunday post!

Hey y'all. Since I was too depressed to write last night I have a feeling my post will be a little bit long today. Because yesterday I did quite a bit. So get your reading glasses out, here we go!!

Saturday started out with my typical bowl of Special K and some Becker review. Michael left mid-morning to go make some extra dinero by mowing his parents and grandmother's yard. After lunch is when the fun began! It was Saturday, so I got to have my Adrielle time.

Adrielle called me up Friday evening and told me she had a free card to Champs! (Champs is the local roller rink, with an arcade and laser tag). Well honestly friends, I have been wanting to go roller skating for a LONG time so I was pumped by her idea. AND for once we didn't have to sit and ponder for 20 minutes about what we were going to do. Soooo I picked my chicka up and we headed to Champs. We had an absolute blast!! Adrielle was a bit wobbly on her skates but we had a blast, dancing to all of today's latest hits and a little Michael Jackson sprinkled in. After about an hour in, we stopped and shared some nice and hot french fries covered in ketchup. DELISH. And back to the skating we went. Adrielle even spotted one of her friends from school, who was tiny, and she ended up skating and dancing around the rink with us. Her friend even hugged me when we left!! Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon!
Super pumped to skate!

sweet moves girl!

Nom NOM NOM delicious french fry snack!

Adrielle's little fried was so cute and super spunky!

Adrielle and her friend, cheesin!

The awesome (aka super stinky and huge ankled) skates I had the honor of wearing

After I dropped Adrielle off I had to rush back across town to meet Michael at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Because you see, the housewife that I am has been wanting a little dirt devil type handheld vacuum for some time now. The pups fur overtakes our stairs and only Michael is able to vacuum them with the full size vacuum in my fear that the huge thing will pull me down the stairs. Well, since I recently had a birthday I could finally fulfill my Ashley sized vacuum dream. (right?!) We got a "Shark"...I know you wanna see a pic!

Snazzy right?! Ok ok, so not exactly an exciting purchase, but it is for me! I can get all of that fur off of the stairs and along the floorboards, etc!

Next I walked down the shopping center to Ulta to get my haircut. Yes friends, I broke down and did it. My hair was kinda dead, I haven't had a haircut since August and since I wear it curly one day and then straight the next it really doesn't like it. The haircut looks basically exactly like my last haircut, here's a pic from yesterday posing in front of Michael's car (with Jorts flying) before the sad game

see, pretty similiar to this (yes it's a boring haircut, I'm scared to take risks with my hair, I have a big forehead plus I look like I'm 12)...

Am I right?! Yeah, so after my haircut appointment, which started 45 minutes late. I came home and watched the Butler v. VCU game. Then we got ready to head over to Andy's house to watch the game...sad... I don't have much to say about that but I do have some pics!
Yes, Michael made Jorts for the game

And so did Andy...oh goodness, they loved showing off their upper thighs

Beau, Gina, Prather (not pictured), and I refused to cut our jeans. Beau and Gina (who is always super cute) decided to smile instead!
It was nice to see everyone but sad to leave being so sad. Also sad because Michael had another 24 hour call today, so he said bye to me at 5:30am this morning and won't be home until 9ish tomorrow morning. GOOD NEWS though!?! I asked him if I could meet him in the hospital for lunch, and it actually worked out!! We had a quick lunch that we packed and then ran into the cafeteria and shared some yummy chocolate chip cookies and then he was back off to work to deliver some babies!

So after my lunch escapades at the hospital I had errands, chores, and studying to do around the house AND I needed to exercise. Our bible study group is coming over here tonight for bstud (when we scheduled we didn't realize Michael wouldn't be here, so I'll be hosting the couples bible study alone, weird). I made my grocery list and headed to the grocery. When I was doing my thang, shoppin up a storm I got a random text from Miss Amanda Myser. She was in town and wanted to stop by! YAY human interaction!!!
Recent Manders pic
Throwback photo of me and Amanda, we go WAY back, even further than this, aren't we CUTE?!
Being cool on the last day of school sometime during High school!
I rushed home and Amanda showed up shortly after. It was great to see here and you know what?! She came bearing gifts!!

They are cake pops from Starbucks, who is apparently making them now (originally started by Bakerella). Amanda and I both ate a pink one (birthday cake) and it was yummy, super sweet like I like them. I saved the Rocky Road one for Michael. IT was great catching up with mander-puss (nickname) and I'm glad she texted me AND it got me out of my boring housework and studying for the day.

After she left I decided to merge my exercise and dog walking into one. Since it is SUCH a nice day (windows open, wonderful). The dogs still aren't that great walking on leashes so their tugging for about 2 miles gets me pretty sweaty and my heart rate up. And now I am here, writing my blog, with the nice breeze blowing through my house, as I try to ignore the bowl of jellybeans to my right. It's a losing battle. I seriously have a jelly bean problem. Somebody PLEASE help me!