Saturday, April 23, 2011

Twelve Miles and Tornados

Hello friends. Sorry about my lack of post last night, luckily Michael put in a brief explanation as to why, while I was passed out on the couch. Yesterday was a pretty great day if I may say so myself...wanna recap?! Ok, sure, I'll tell ya!

Well Michael and I woke up yesterday and Michael didn't have to go into work early because he had an exam at 1. So we kinda hung around a little in the morning and then I drove him in for his test around 9:30 and headed to the library. The weather was icky and I had to do my 12 mile run, so I was planning to run at 1pm. If there was rain I'd be inside, if not outside. Luckily I have my great friend Elyse to step in and be my running buddy!

Elyse and I met up at 12 and began our 12 mile journey around Lexington (which ended up being a SUPER hilly run, I am not a fan of hills, so we may have allowed ourselves to walk up a few of them, like the 2 on Landsdowne that are HUGE!). Y'all I'm not sure if you understand how much more enjoyable running 12 miles is when you have someone to run it with you. It made my run a million times better knowing I had someone to talk to, someone to complain about every hill in Lexington about, someone to keep me motivated, and someone going through the same pain and tiredness as I was.  And in about the last 3 miles we were lucky enough to be graced with some rain, which I was totally fine with, it motivated me to finish and cooled me down. The only problem about rain during a long run is the whole sweat issue. You see, you've already gathered up a good amount of sweat on your brow, and then when the rain comes so does the burning sensation in your eyes as the sweat drips in. FUN. haha, but its also fun to be running in the rain and people in their cars give you that impressed, "I can't believe she's out running in this weather" look.

After gladly finishing our run and hugging Elyse goodbye, Michael called and said he was done with his test, perfect timing!! I headed over to pick him up (I was already on campus) and then we headed home where I immediately jumped into the shower. The rain and wetness on your is nice while running, not once youve cooled down and your body is covered in goosebumps!! So lets just say the shower was PERFECT! While I relaxed after my run and ate some junkfood Michael headed over to the Lexington Tennis club to play some tennis with his friends, shortly after I headed over to pick him up and head to the mall. I had to pick up a gift for a bachelorette party and I wanted to look for a new pair of jeans. As we drove to the mall we saw another storm beginning to brew, lightning in the distance, dark skies even closer.

As our shopping excursion began, I as usual became very discouraged. Apparently I have the oddest shaped body around and could not find a pair of jeans that fit right in ANY of the stores I went to. So that was an epic fail in the jeans department. So why do jeans not fit me? Well 1. I am short, and a lot of stores don't carry short length jeans in my size. 2. I have a skinny waist and runner thighs, therefore causing a weird bunching under my behind cause they are too tight at the top of my thighs but then I have to find pants that stay up on my waist and hips. ARGH! So I gave up on the jeans so we made the trek over to the other side of the mall to the Victoria Secret.

Well look, oh swell. VS was closing it's doors as we were approaching it, no it wasn't closing time. Apparently a tornado was on it's way through Lexington and they didn't want to have the liability of having people in their store. we decided to head to Macys to look, who also wouldn't let people in their store. So Michael and I got to hangout in the middle of the mall, watching the doppler radar on the DISH Network kiosk. Oh what fun. We did hear that there were funnel clouds reported in the arboretum, which is less than a mile from our house, so we were nervous about our puppies. This morning I saw this picture, taken at the football stadium which is a mile from our house, lets just say if I were home I would have definitely been freaking out!

Scary right?! Well we made it home from the mall after a trip to Culvers for a late dinner (we had coupons) and found everything to be safe and sound at our house. We decided to relax for the evening, which is where I passed out on the couch.

This morning we woke up to this lovely new pond in our front yard after apparently a night full of rain. I mean I always have wanted to live on a lake but not really a part of a parking lot!! oohhhh well!!!

Oh and if you are curious, the ants are still here going strong. And annoying me a lot. Please me them go away. Thank you.

Well that's about it for now. I will be heading to Louisville shortly for a bachelorette party and heading back tonight, so hopefully that will be loads of fun!! Chat with you all later!

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