Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saying my "see ya laters" to a friend

Today was Ashley day. OH no, not me. Don't you all realize that there is more than one Ashley in the whole entire world?! way!! Whattt??? Yep, sorry to break the news to ya but there is more than one Ashley.

This evening all of the bstud girls met up to send off our dear friend Ashley S. as she and her husband embark on a new life in Little Rock, Arkansas. (Her husband has been living there for 5 weeks, but Ashley is finally getting to move in with him this Friday, she has missed him sooo!) We met up at Johnny Carino's and took FULL advantage of happy hour. I treated myself to a glass of sangria, yum (I had a stressful day so I believe it was well deserved). We all enjoyed our time together and feasted on bread and pasta together, laughing and cracking jokes.  And I'm lucky to have had my part time wifey, Nicole, there to share a salad and entree with. What would I do without her?! OHHh probably eat entirely too much!!

I am sad that Ashley is leaving, she is a super funny, energetic, awesome girl but I only hope for the best for both of them and their 2 super cute doggies! (Ashley and Nate, you are in our constant prayers, and lucky for you, you are the couple we get to pray for this week! yay!) 

I asked Ashley about her new city that she was about to take on and she sound pretty pumped about the whole thing. And to be perfectly honest, after hearing her talk about Little Rock, Michael and I might add the city to our list of possibilities for Michael's residency because Ashley made it sound pretty cool, awesome, and gorgeous!! Has anyone else been to Little Rock?! What's your opinion?!

Well that's all the positive stuff I wanted to write about today, I decided I would not include the negative of the day and devote the blog to Ashley and Nate!! Now back to studying!!

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