Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Today is my stepmom, Lisa's Birthday!!! Here we are together spending a day at the beach in Maui while my dad was at work (he worked there for a couple months) Happy Birthday to Lisa!
Lisa and my dad came down to Lexington for the day to celebrate her birthday. They spent the day with Ryan (step bro) and Liz (his girlfriend) at Keeneland (my dad's first time). They are very lucky people, I was at school all day either working, working on group projects, or in class....poooo. And Michael was at home studying for an exam he has tomorrow. Anyway.... we were able to meet up with them after Keeneland.

After class I quickly headed over to Richmond Road in the rush hour traffic to pick up some cupcakes for Lisa from a bakery called Babycakes. They have a cupcake happy hour, all cupcakes for $1! So I definitely hit up that deal that I discovered on their webiste! I got a random assortment of the cupcakes and then we headed over to meet the family at Saul Good for dinner! YUM!

I had the delicious big breakfast meal which is half of a waffle, 2 eggs over easy, 3 slices of bacon, and potatoes. Enough food for an army and I finished most of it cause I was starving!! Then it was time to celebrate Lisa's birthday with the delish cupcakes. Everyone loved what they had. The flavors were brownie, cookie dough, blackberry, peach, butterscotch, and banana with peanut butter icing!! We all had a good time talking and chatting during dinner and then it was time to say our goodbyes! Glad we got to spend some time with the family! Here are some pics from the evening for you to enjoy! (photo credits go to Mr. Michael!)

At Saul Good they give you chocolate covered popcorn on your birthday, before dinner!

If you can't tell, dad is about to dig into his cupcake!

I had the blackberry cupcake

Lisa had the brownie cupcake

Michael had the super proper butterscotch cupcake, with butterscotch filling

Michael's cupcake
That's all folks! Enjoy your Thursday evening!

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