Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carson goes running!

Today was a day of trying new things...ok well maybe one new thing. I knew that after class today I wanted to run, sure thing. Then I get home from class and the husband wants to run with me. AHHH wow ok great!! Then as we are about to leave Michael coerces me to agree to take Carson running with us. The farthest I've EVER ran with him is maybe a quarter mile so it was definitely going to be interesting. The saddest part of it all was when we had to leave poor little Willis behind. He's just not made for running, with his sad outward facing paws that he constantly licks because they hurt, and he's only 3!! We knew what was best for him so we sadly said goodbye and left with Carson in tow.

As we crossed Alumni to begin our run Carson was PUMPED to say the least. He was bounding up the sidewalk, panting and smiling as his tongue hung to the side. He is a good little runner, but what he is not is consistent. I almost toppled over him at least 20 times, no joke. And yes, he even stopped to poo in the middle of the sidewalk. I feel with practice he may become a real runner doggy, I mean, he is only 9 1/2 months old! I also believe that he is not in full running shape, about halfway through he definitely slowed down. We had to reassure him that he was a good boy and he made it all the way home. Carson has now completed his first 5k and if I had to guess it was probably around 9 minute miles!! Go Carson!

Here he is immediately after the run. It was about 75 degrees outside and humid so he was hot for sure!
But man was he happy!!

Michael and I were very sweaty ... seeing that we are humans and cannot pant, we were very nasty!

While we cooled down from our run I quickly threw together a spaghetti and meat sauce dinner. Afterward we headed to Kroger where we bumped into our entomologist friend Jonathan and his awesome wife Kara! Michael actually decided it was the best idea to sneak up behind Kara with our cart, as she was smelling the flowers in the floral department. Well some guy that thought he was funny called us out as we were trying to surprise her. He was like, "Where's the Mission Impossible music?". But we still scared her. It was funny!!

Speaking of entomologist friends we sadly still have the ants but have the greatest hopes that they will be dying off very shortly. Michael told me my blog yesterday needed a picture of the ants, which I thought you all would think was gross, but heres some Michael took today if you want to see the ants near what is going to make them die!!!

Well that's about it for today. I have a butt-ton off stuff to do for school and not to mention I need to study for the CPA exam. BLECK..not enough hours in the day!!


  1. You had a MUCH better running experience today than I did. I mapped a run, but the road that was supposed to get me back to home no longer exists, so I had to turn around and retrace my steps...nearly doubling what I meant to run. Can't feel my legs! Apparently your dog is in better shape than I am :P

  2. Yeah Carson! Running with Jemaine is sprint...sprint...STOP!...sprint...sprint...hey, there's a squirrel over there...sprint!