Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Disappearing Husband

Each and every day I begin to see tendencies that I hear are very typical for a Kasten. Today was one of those days.

To begin with, Michael recently has taken up the habit of leaving his phone on another level of the house and ignoring it for hours. You know, after I've texted him and called, no response. OK, fine, whatever. He's probably just playing video games....WELLL..tonight was a bit different.

As usual I was volunteering at the Florence Crittenton home, and it is typical for me to call Michael on my drive home afterward. Well, off course no answer. These are the times that he normally plays video games when I'm gone. Ok, understandable. WELLLL I get home. Dogs are roaming the house. Michael's car is in his spot. Front door unlocked. Screen door closed, but open to the world, windows open, all the lights on, no note, Michael's cell phone is sitting in the desk chair. I quickly look out to the patio to see if he's out there. Nope. Check every room, and even the bathroom. Michael hasn't been feeling well for the past few days so I thought maybe he'd fallen asleep somewhere. WRONG. (Folks, keep in mind that this is 9pm, a pitch black night with lightning in the sky).

Well I decided to maybe check and see if his running shoes were in the closet. Although Michael 1. hates running outside and 2. normally runs with his phone so those were 2 factors working against the running outside hypothesis. To my surprise, the running shoes were actually missing. And I noticed that his drawer with his workout clothes in it was open. And I know Michael, whenever he uses that drawer he usually leaves it open afterward. So ok I guess he's running. STILL uncool, I had no idea where he was OR where he was running and it's dark and he was sick, etc.

So I stand outside with the dogs. I noticed a headlamp running down the street. Yep, that was Michael using the headlights that we used when we climbed Mt. Hood jogging down the street. I immediately informed him that he was not very smart and made me worry. I also reminded him that I ALWAYS tell him when I am going for a run, even during the day when he's not home, just in case and I always leave my mapmyrun map up on the computer just in case. Well his response to that was, well I'm not a girl and I wanted to surprise you with exercising!

UHHHH, Michael it's DARK out!! You could have been easily hit by a car.

But I have this head light on, and I'm wearing a white shirt people can see me.

Accidents happen Michael!! Plus I had no idea where you were, you are turning into your dad!!

(the your dad is in reference to the fact that Michael's dad Greg frequently disappears for long amounts of times to various locations around town, normally in the night time hours without informing his wife on his whereabouts, he's normally on a REALLY long walk, like a 15 mile walk. Michael's sister Andrea informed me that wandering away is a long-standing Kasten problem)     

Anywho, I found my missing husband and all is well. Since he returned we were able to head out to the Robertson's humble abode for the evening to watch some shows about cupcakes, play with phone apps, eat pizza, and beat the Robertsons twice at Euchre!! Fun evening if I must say so myself!!! Goodnight all, hope you are soaking in this lovely weather! 

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