Friday, April 1, 2011

Mr. Willis is THREE TODAY!

The Birthday Boy on his third birthday!

Look at those BIG eyes!

He always makes this face
One of the first pics of Willis, the day we got him. ok so this wasn't when he was born but he was almost 3 months old here.
Willis being stoic at a young age. Michael and I cannot believe our little guy is 3 years old today (21 in dog years). We told him before we left for dinner that we were going out to eat for his birthday, but he wasn't allowed to come. BOOO.

So some notes from today:

- I ran my 10 miles outside, all by my lonesome. It is always 5x harder for me to run by myself. But I made it through, it was about 90 minutes, not too bad considering I had random stabbing pain in my foot! I finally fixed my iPod issues with running. (I hate carring an iPod and the things don't stay up on my arm with those armbands) Anyway, I found our tiny little iPod shuffle knock-off and loaded that sucker up with an hour and a half of running music, clipped it on my shorts, ran the headphones up through my shirt and I was good to go! I normally don't run with music outside on my shorter runs 4-5 miles. But when you have nothing but your thoughts for 10 miles you start to go a little crazy and then you start focusing on the pain and how much further you have left. The music helps take you to another place. But readers, do not worry, I listen at a reasonable level, I can hear all cars surrounding me.

-Michael finally made it home from his 27 hours of call around 9am this morning (he left at 5:45am yesterday morning)

- Michael and I tried to have a "free" dinner at Carabbas tonight. I have had a $25 gift card there for like 2 years now AND my Aunt sent us some money for my birthday to spend on dinner. So with the combo we thought it would be free. WRONG! The waiter talked us into the Blackberry Sangria Pitcher (which was DELISH by the way) We assumed the pitcher would be like $15-17. WRONG it was $26!!!!! WHAT!! Note to self ALWAYS ASK. so we ended up having to pay a lot more than we were originally expecting to pay (AKA ZERO dollars!).

Well that's about it for today. Michael and I probably gonna chill for the rest of the night maybe I'll do some Becker questions. But who knows! I hope you all have a lovely Friday like I did!!! See ya tomorrow!

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