Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday blurbette

Hello Friends. Today was another one of those scrumptious awesome weather days, the ones where I don't really get to enjoy them because of school. Boo.

I took today off from running because of the weird foot pain I've been having, may try to run a short distance tomorrow and then a long run with Becca early Friday morning.

Not much to mention from today, it was school-filled as I previously mentioned. And I am UBER stressed beyond belief. These classes are intense and then I am signed up to take the BEC portion of the CPA exam next Thursday. Well since the stress is piling and piling I think I have come to the point where I have decided to move the exam back again. I have a HUGE test Tuesday, Debate Monday, Case due Monday, Florence Crittenton on Friday, Adrielle time on Saturday, Bible Study and Church on Sunday, Running thursday friday and maybe sunday,  and then I'm supposed to have time in there to study for BEC?! I think not, considering this class stuff is kinda SUPER  intense and hard to grasp. It would probably be best for my sanity (and Michael's) to move it, so I'm going to look into doing it tonight because if I wait another day it'll be REALLY expensive to move it.

In happy news. I got to have dinner with Michael at the hospital tonight. He's on another 24 hour call in Labor and Delivery (the last one! wooo!) and I haven't seen him all day and he won't be home until tomorrow so it was great to trek up to the hospy hospy to see him~! :) we enjoyed leftovers of meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes (for him) and some ravioli for me. In Michael news, he found out he got an A in his surgery rotation today. I married a smart one right?! I'm so proud of him, he has been working SO hard lately and deserves the A (he also got a 98 on his shelf exam, weighted, chyeah!)

And lastly. I most admit my guilty pleasure of recent. No, not jellybeans, although we do have a bag lurking around our house. But these good things...

K guys, they were buy one get one free at Kroger this week. I normally don't buy them, but I couldn't pass up the deal. Michael even saw them and knew they were my guilty pleasure. You know what else? I am so addicted to these things, my father mentioned my love for powdered donuts in the speech he gave at the rehearsal dinner of our wedding. So bad. bad. bad. Ashley. What can I do?!!? OH WELL!!

Well I hope you all had a great Wednesday and enjoyed the lovely warm spring weather! Talk at ya tomorrow, until them goodnight!

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