Friday, April 29, 2011

The day before my 13.1 mile demise!

Hello readers! So today was a weird day, but it ended pretty well, don't you worry.

So I woke up with Michael cause I needed him for his parking pass so I could go the library. Welllll once I got to the library I realized I didn't have the right computer software to study, so I had to go back home. FAIL. Anyway I headed home and made an apple care appointment for Michael's Mac and ran up to the mall.

Well for some reason I saw a million people I knew at the mall during the short time I was there and the 2 stores I visited. Ok, it was 3 different people, but that's close to a million!! Apple kept Michael's computer to fix it, and its covered under warranty AND they gave us a new power cord thingy FO FREE! wooo!!

After I left the computer I went to get a new battery for my watch cause I wanted to us it for the half tomorrow. Well turns out my watch is a piece so there was no way to use it tomorrow. Well as I turned around after finding out about my watch my jaw dropped as I saw Mr. Eloy Vargas (UK basketball player). As you all may remember, I find that any UK athlete are as big of celebrities as real celebrities. I got all sweaty and nervous and then he came over to the kiosk to look at watches. I nervously said, uhh ELOY?! Could I get a picture with you so I can send it to my husband?! (voice is shaky) His response, " Yeah, are you sure he won't be jealous??" (I had a really hard time understanding him). Well after my awesome quality picture on my phone (GEEZ he's tall!) I tried to make awkward convo, but then just said thanks, gave up, and walked away. (P.S. I'm on my tippy toes cause I was afraid I wouldn't even be in the picture!)

But GOODNESS, that was exciting!!

After more studying it was time to head to Louisville to go to the half registration packet pickup. I love that my GPS takes me through 13 miles of hilly country before I get on the highway and today was the perfect day for it. Windows down, sun shining. Perfection! (moving car pics)

So I arrived in Louisville around 7 ...needing to pee..badly!!! We headed straight downtown to the convention center and then I was on a mission for a restroom! Then it was time to head into the packet pickup. Dustin thankfully went with me to this because I had to pick up FIVE different packets for people. It was very overwhelming!

We headed back to Dustin's hiz-house and made a spaghetti dinner, with salad and garlic bread. Got my carbs on ! And now I sit here, relaxing before the race, as usual I'm nervous. I hope I can sleep well tonight..urgh...Please think positive thoughts for me tomorrow between 7:30 and 9:30 am!

Well that's it for tonight! Later Gators!


  1. I love how you even had on a UK basketball shirt. That's awesome. I totally would have been the same way about the picture, btw. They're definitely celebrities!

  2. I know, what a lucky coincidence for me!