Thursday, April 7, 2011

WHOO Thursday

Yay Thursday YAY YAY!! Thursday after class is the start of my weekend and oh is it wonderful. (even though I have a test to study for, I did end up moving back the CPA exam)

The before class action was not very exciting. I ran an early 7am 4.5 mile run, nasty runny nose the whole time. Major foot pain now. Supposed to run 10-11 miles tomorrow with Bec but the weather and my foot are not lookin good. BOOO.

I came home from class, rolling through Lexington with my windows down and grabbed my hubs and headed to Applebees for din din. I got a giftcard there for my bday and Michael was feelin eatin out so we did. Being the thrifty girl that I am, I calculated how much each of us could spend ahead of time in order to only have to pay the tip. Because you know what happened last time at Carabbas! And you know what?! We only spent $21 so we could include the tip on the card, GO US!

After dinner Michael and I were like old people. We pulled out our patio chairs into our backyard-ish thing that we have and watched the dogs play around. Carson entertained us with his love of running with sticks in his mouth and eating dirt. While Willis moseyed around the yard, sniffing everything in sight. We probably watched them for about half an hour, just enjoying them and the awesome weather. Although, poor Meechael was sniffling and coughing up phlegm the whole time, gross.

After that we headed indoors and I watched this weeks episode of Parenthood and right now I'm enjoying a handful of these...

I love me some Swedish fish, Lisa bought me this back for my birthday and I just remembered I had them. YUM-O!

Well that's it for today!! Enjoy your Thursday readers! Lata!


  1. I love swedish fish! Did you know they're vegan??

    Wait, I think I told you that at lunch once....

  2. Yeah remember I forced you to share them with me. THEY ARE SOOO YUMMY!