Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter eggs hunts!

Today was a good day. Like Sundays normally are.  They are always busy but atleast they are busy in an enjoyable fashion. I 'll start the day off with the early morning midnightish since I didn't really talk about stuff from yesterday.

Lets just say the social butterfly in me wanted to get out. I wanted to get out on the town and socialize badly. So I made plans with my friend in the masters program Shelley, her boyfriend Eric, Drew (in my program and bstud) and his wife Catherine to go hang out together. We went to this German bar called Marrikas. Michael and I were the only ones that had been there before, its a pretty chill place and they have 800 different kinds of beers to try and a sand volleyball court out back. We all had a great time sitting at a table and chatting all night long. Michael and Drew split a bucket of beer with 6 randomly picked beers. One of them had a pirate on the front of the bottle and one of them was just shy of the size of a wine bottle and titled "The Lion" and I believe it's alcohol content was a bit ridiculous. It was funny watching the guys try each one, not knowing what they were about to get themselves into! But honestly, Michael and I had a legit good time, nothing to complain about, no one was annoying or anything, it was perfect, fun, and low stress!! I have great friends! :)

For some reason this morning my body decided to wake me up at 7:15 and I decided to finally get out of bed around 8:15, we went to bed around 2, it was completely unnecessary of my body to do that to me!! Well anyway, today was my Adrielle day.  Michael and I had planned to pick her up, take her to church with us, then to lunch at his parents house and then an Easter egg hunt in their backyard!! What a fun day!! Here are some pics from the Easter egg hunt, Michael hid a total of 38 eggs for Adrielle and the gold egg contained $5!!

So to sum all of that up, we all really enjoyed the whole Easter egg process!!

After dropping Adrielle off back at home Michael I headed back to our house and crashed. I allowed myself a 20 minute nap and then got right into the studying. Then before I knew it it was 5:45. I needed to get a run in so I devised a little plan. We were going to bstud at the Hestad's house, which is out past the Horse Park. So I told Michael I'd start running out towards their house (which is like 12 miles away) and when he left to go out he could pick me up on the side of the road where-ever I may be. I left at 6 and bstud starts between 6:30-7 so I wasn't expecting to make it all of the way out to their house. I did however make it about 4.5 miles out to their house where my lovely husband picked my sweaty self up and we headed out on the rest of the BEAUTIFUL drive past the horse farms to the Hestads.

Bible study = awesome as usual!! AND when Catherine walked in tonight we were twins!! YAY!!

Aren't we cute? Yes, super grainy iPhone pic AND I am sweaty and nasty from running out and Catherine smelled of shampoo and wonderfulness, but I had to document our twinning-ness!

So that basically sums up my crazy Sunday! And now I should be heading towards bed because Michael has to get up super early and I have a test tomorrow (they are never-ending!!). Hope you all had a great weekend! Grace, peace!


  1. Marrika's is beer snob heaven! Love that place :)

  2. Adrielle will never forget that super egg hunt!
    I am sure you are as special to her as she is to
    you. Keep it up! Aunt Carin