Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feelin' Needy

So far, so good. I've been feelin' the blog vibe lately and haven't had troubles writing posts. The troublesome thing to me is that I'm not getting any feedback love from anyone, which is rather discouraging to me. I don't mind writing every day, and I know people mention reading my blog but it's hard when no one comments. So comment please! I'm feeling needy!!

In other news, this morning I had an interview at Accountemps, which is an accounting temp agency. It was very very short and simple, that may be due to the fact that I surprisingly knew the girl interviewing me. So keep your fingers crossed about job opportunities!!

Also, if you are unaware, golfing makes you sore. My shoulders, arms and torso are SORE ouchies!! Tomorrow will be another long run, probably about 11 miles. If anyone is interested in running with me and being my running buddy, I would greatly appreciate it. Lately I've had to run my long runs by myself and I really need a friend to get me through. That sounds really lame, but you try running for that long without talking to anyone or knowing someone else is going through that with you! :)

Well that's all I've got for today!! Lator Gators!


  1. Please don't think I'm a super creeper, but I read your blog all the time lol. I see your posts on facebook and read them whenever I see them :)

    I am going through the running in spirit! I am not a very good or fast runner, so I tend to do it alone. I don't like holding anyone back by walking when I need to. Know that I am feeling your pain too!

    -Stephanie Miller

  2. I commented on like three posts earlier, does that make me your most favorite person?? Plus I voted in your poll :)

    Good luck finding someone to run with, I can imagine how hard it would be to run that far alone!

  3. So I don't want to be the weird Aunt and be the
    daily commenter!! We are out here, trust us!!

  4. Stephanie- I love that you are reading the blog!!! Keep it up!! And don't be afraid to comment, I made the blog so people would read it!! :) Hope wedding planning is going well!!

    Aunt Carin - you are in no way the weird Aunt.

    Lela- I love reading your blog too! So keep up the posting!