Sunday, April 24, 2011

OHHH Happy Day -- Easter!

My bunny bowl and I wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter!
So did Michael...
So did Carson and Willis..

And I had to show off how much Easter candy we got. Remember Michael is 25 and I am 23 and we got more candy than I ever did when I was younger...this portion of candy is only the candy from the Kasten's, Lisa also prepared Easter goodies for us as well...yes, be jealous!
mmmm candy....ooohhhh food/sugar induced coma!

Another rainy evening in Lex-vegas, lets hope that Lake Kasten in our parking lot does not decide to grow and explore our first level of our house. Yes, spring makes things green and pretty, but it is also EXTREMELY RAINY!

Hope you all had a blessed day spent with family, friends and good times! I am so thankful that Jesus is alive!

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