Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well hello readers! How has your Wednesday been?! Well mine wasn't particularly awesome (we got our tests back from yesterday, worst test grade I have ever received) but it didn't end too bad!

Michael got done with school early today and told me we were going to do something fun outside and it was going to be a surprise. He tells me to put tennis shoes on as soon as I got home from class and we headed out. As we drove there I kept trying to guess where we were going. Humane Society? Raven Run? He kept saying nope. And then we arrived at Man O' War Golf. He was taking me to the driving range!

Some of you may not know this but Michael enjoys playing golf.
He grew up with his dad having a membership at a course and he isn't too bad at the sport. Well for our engagement he bought me a set of lefty clubs and I have been to the driving range once. Yes once since, lets just say I am not very good at golf.

First off I get super intimidated when we walk onto the driving range. SO MANY MEN. And they are all swinging away. Then there's the 5 year old little boy who is hittin' like a dream. And I only hit the ball every third swing. Well despite my utter failure at this sport it was nice to be outside in the perfect weather swinging away. At least my arms got some good work in!! Now my hands hurt from swinging and grasping the clubs so hard!!

Here I am getting ready
And here I am with the worst form you have ever seen, PLUS I look terrible, thought it would be  a good laugh for you! Looks like I'm hacking the ball BUT my left arm muscles look cool! haha

I'm glad I can trust my hubs to brighten my day!! YAY!


  1. This cracks me up. It looks like me when I was trying to learn! (keyword trying, I gave up, but it is a long story!)

  2. Haha I am willing to try and learn, it just may take a LONG while!! My soreness from this evening continues to grow in my shoulders, arms and wrists!